3 Reasons Why a Home Warranty Is Worth the Cost

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New home buyers and sellers sometimes tend to think they don’t need a home warranty. While there are some exclusions, typically a home warranty is one of the best ways to guarantee your peace of mind. Unlike renters, any home repairs and emergency claims fall on your plate, and homeowners who aren’t prepared could find themselves in a tough position.

Coverage That Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Provide

One of the key reasons to consider a home warranty contract with a home warranty company is the fact that homeowners don’t complete coverage from their insurance policies. If you’re facing the repair or replacement of common appliances like the water heater, air conditioning unit, or certain electrical systems, the cost often isn’t enough to meet your insurance policy’s deductible.

With a home warranty, you’re able to get discounted repair or replacement for your home appliances and major components. Frequently, a seller will offer to buy a warranty to give the home buyers peace of mind during the sale. Issues happen all the time after the purchase of a home.

For example, during the inspection process, the water heater seems fine but then shortly after you move in, it breaks down. Without a home warranty, the full cost of replacing this home system would fall to you since many insurance providers don’t cover these expenses.

With a home warranty plan, you’d go through the emergency claims process and a representative from the home warranty company would examine the issue and fix it if it’s under the warranty. You would pay a greatly reduced fee in addition to what you’ve already paid towards the warranty, hence why it’s such a popular choice over insurance products.

You Don’t Have to be Handy

Some people are better at DIY projects than others. Even for smaller single-family homes, it can be difficult to repair an air conditioner or garbage disposal if you’re not very handy. Plus, it’s difficult for a lot of people to track down a quality contractor for expensive home repairs and there’s always a good chance that you won’t receive outstanding service.

If you don’t want to worry about customer satisfaction and only want to handle a small service fee, this is another place where a home warranty plan sticks out. By going through the emergency claims process with a top-tiered company’s customer service department, you may even qualify for service on the next business day. A home warranty is a one-stop-shop for necessary home repairs that you don’t feel comfortable fixing. This could be problems with weatherboard cladding or malfunctioning garbage disposal.

Protection Against Emergencies

Trouble always seems to strike when you’re the least prepared for it. The home protection services industry knows this all too well. If some of your appliances short out on you and your home warranty cover their replacement, that’s one less thing you have to worry about. This is the best way to have a bit of peace of mind as homeowners. While it may make sense to purchase a couple of insurance products too, your home warranty is your best defense against something in your house taking a turn for the worst. In case of an emergency, a home warranty is always good to have on your side.

Picking the Best Home Warranty Company

Often, when you’re looking for the best home warranty, you’ll want to turn to the search engines. For example, if you live in Georgia, Google “best home warranty companies in GA” and review the results. Compare their certified warranty inspection process, how much time claim cases take, and review the home warranty service contracts and the business description. Choose a plan that fits with your needs and retains a quality technician or contractor. A home warranty can truly make all the difference to homeowners, home buyers, and sellers.