The Get Spaz Team

For over a decade, the Get Spaz team of experts, editors, writers, and specialized contributors have been working together to inspire and influence our audience. The Get Spaz team was founded on the simple belief that everyone deserves content that is individualized and specific to what matters most to you.

Paz Santos <span>Editor in Chief</span>

Paz Santos Editor in Chief

Paz "Spaz" Santos is the founder and editor-in-chief of Get Spaz She is a life-long writer and journalist, originally hailing from Brazil, with a prolific history of newspaper editing and reporting. With a background and obsession in all things pop culture, entertainment, and technology, Paz earned a degree in journalism from UCLA, before embarking on a journalistic blog that we now know as Get Spaz.

Adrian Bales <span>Creative Editor</span>

Adrian Bales Creative Editor

Adrian Bales is the creative editor for Get Spaz. His passion for journalism and creative writing led him to pursue an English degree from NYU. Adrian is an accomplished writer who loves the thrill of working on dedicated and enthusiastic team of journalists. Adrian is originally from Brooklyn, and now resides on the West Coast, along with the rest of the Get Spaz team.

Nicole Edwards <span>Senior Staff Editor</span>

Nicole Edwards Senior Staff Editor

Nicole Edwards is senior staff editor at Get Spaz She started her career as a creative writer and reporter with a dual major journalist and creative writing degree from UCLA. Nicole is was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and still contributes to other online publications. She also founded a blog that covered lifestyle and culture news, before transitioning to Get Spaz full time.

Ian Carr <span>Assistant Editor</span>

Ian Carr Assistant Editor

Ian Carr is the assistant editor at Get Spaz. He is a graduate of San Diego State University, where he pursued a degree in publishing. His passion for writing and journalism, combined with his love for technology and finance, led him to become a part of our talented team here at Get Spaz. Ian moved to LA from San Diego, where he has become a die hard LA Rams fan, despite his family's disappointment.

Sandra Nguyen <span>Staff Writer</span>

Sandra Nguyen Staff Writer

Sandra Nguyen is a staff writer for Get Spaz. She pursued journalism after writing for her college newspaper at University of Washington in Seattle, where she was a member of the AW Asian Student Commission. Sandra earned her degree and became a regular contributor for a variety of well-known online publications, before moving to Los Angeles to work with the Get Spaz team.

Kristen Tucker <span>Staff Writer</span>

Kristen Tucker Staff Writer

Kristen Tucker is a staff writer for Get Spaz. She has a double undergraduate degree in marketing and journalism from Providence College. She then went on to pursue her graduate degree from UCLA where she met our founder, Paz, when she was a guest lecturer. Kristen is not just a journalist. She is also a novelist who has self-published several books, and is currently writing a memoir about her experiences traveling abroad.