3 Reasons You Need to Be Using Presentation Folders

Folders of all Colors Organized

Even in the Information Age, when many businesses are turning to digital assets and white papers, there’s still a place for physical folders. Presentation folders are one such option, offering a customizable solution for packaging and sharing information with your clients.

Folders can help your business in a myriad of ways, from reinforcing your brand to serving internal and external uses. Here are just a few reasons why your company should purchase customized presentation folders, regardless of your industry.

It reinforces your brand

Creating a complete and comprehensive branding experience is vital to your business’ marketing. Your marketing team spent countless hours picking the right colors and logo design to represent your business. If your main company color is blue and you’re stuck choosing from the shades of blue available at a big box office supplies retailer, it’ll be hard to find a folder that matches with your style guide.

Beyond that, you’ll be stuck having to put a sticker or label with your company logo on the folder rather than have it printed on. Foil-stamping, embossing, and one, two, or full-color printing can make your business’ logo and colors pop in exciting ways.

It has multiple uses

A two-pocket folder has a variety of uses in the world of business. From sharing documents internally to housing materials that are distributed to clients and customers, there’s a wide range of reasons that you’d want to use a presentation folder in your day-to-day business operations.

This flexibility is one of the main reasons why its popularity has stayed consistent, even as more and more people access documents via email and shared servers. Whether you’re keeping a customer’s account information all in one place or providing your new hires with copies of their onboarding paperwork, a presentation folder is as useful as it is usable.

If you want to keep brochures, business cards, and other white papers all in one convenient package to distribute to consumers while tabling at a fair or other event, presentation folders are the way to go, too. The possibilities are limitless.

It is memorable

Physical objects have a specific power that intangible items do not. You may be familiar with the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind,” and that definitely applies to memory. Nowadays, it takes multiple times of seeing an advertisement or logo for it to be reinforced in a consumer’s mind, and having a branded presentation folder can go a long way in establishing those connections.

By creating a presentation folder, you’re essentially giving your clients a personalized piece of your business. This can really help consumers continue to think about your company and the services you offer, long after the initial meeting. Especially when you consider the fact that many people end up using two-pocket folders for their own personal use too, having a branded presentation folder can continue to represent your business far beyond its intended lifespan. 

As you can see, there’s still a place for two-dimensional pocket folders, even with the proliferation of web-based technologies. This is because having a concrete, tangible object can help reinforce your brand in a much more meaningful way than a digital file. Additionally, presentation folders are useful internally and externally, and can help consumers remember you when they ultimately use the folder for a different purpose later down the road.

Choose an experienced business to business printer for your custom presentation folder needs and you’ll be sure to make a folder with lasting positive effects.