3 Ways to Make Living in Austin Easier

a city with tall buildings

Living in a big city like Austin means that you might not have a lot of room for storage, let alone  your full-size mattress. If you find that you’re struggling to adjust to a new city, you’re not alone: when over 120 people move to the city each day, there’s bound to be a learning curve. 

When you’re ready to make living in Austin a little easier, rely on these top tips to thrive. 

Marie Kondo your life

When cities get bigger, it’s only natural for the apartments and housing to get smaller. If you’re moving to Austin for the first time, you might be surprised to see some of the most affordable apartments are typically the smallest. If you overpacked on your move over, you might need to reevaluate some of your favorite items. 

That’s where the guidance of Marie Kondo can shine. Her KonMari method has helped countless people reassess their lives for the better. As you sort through your goods, ask yourself: “Does this spark joy?” If not, then you can rest easy throwing it into the donations pile. For everything else that you love, but don’t have room for, you can rely on storage options to keep them safe. 

But Marie Kondo-ing your life doesn’t just mean ridding your home of clutter. It can also refer to negative life choices that bring you down. Toxic relationships, bad habits, and old regrets should be thrown aside when you move to a new place. This is a new start: start thriving on your own terms. 

Invest in storage that works for you 

While Austin isn’t as crowded as New York City or Los Angeles, the renters game isn’t any easier. When you find the affordable apartment of your dreams, discovering the right storage facility is a must. 

After all, in-home storage solutions only go so far. When you’re trying to build a life for yourself in a new place, you need all the room you can get. This problem only grows worse if you’re living with a pet, partner, or a combination of the two. You can Marie Kondo your closet all you want: at the end of the day, you’re still not going to feel comfortable living with your bike in your living room. That’s why you need to invest in self storage in Austin

Affordable storage opportunities make it easy to store the goods you don’t need right now. That includes your seasonal holiday decorations, those jackets you can’t get rid of from your home state, and that motorcycle you always said you’d ride (but never really do). There are a slew of sizing options available, making this an affordable choice for the savvy spender on a budget. If you find your drowning in your stuff after a big move, don’t hesitate to use a storage facility until you get your life figured out. 

Research everything in advance

Of course, these aforementioned suggestions are even easier if you do your research beforehand. Navigating a new city is all the easier if you know what you’re getting into. Researching some of the best brunch spots, recreational centers, and neighborhoods can give you a better idea of where you’ll be moving. 

While you might have already researched housing options, the weeks leading up to your move offer valuable time for assessments: have you found laundry options nearby? Did you find the most affordable storage facility for your extra goods? What will the commute to work look like? These essential questions can help dampen the trials and tribulations that come with moving to a new space. 

When you’re ready to pick up and move to Austin, rely on these helpful tips to make your transition easier.