5 Kinds of Attorneys and What They Do

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Becoming a lawyer is a well-renowned career path. After years of law school, you are finally ready to practice and be sure justice is done. Now you just need to decide on your niche. The legal field is so vast, that there are plenty of options to chose from for new attorneys or individuals interested in the legal field. There are also many options for anyone who is in a little legal trouble or needs specific assistance.

Before you go to trial, you need to know you have the best lawyer for your case in your corner. If you’re fighting for compensation after a workplace injury, looking for estate planning tips, or needing help after being charged with a crime, there is a specialty lawyer out there for you. Chances are you don’t even realize all the different sectors of law someone can choose to practice. Let’s dive into just five types of attorneys and what they do within the legal field.

1. Human Rights Lawyers

Once a bill or ruling goes through the legal process, that is considered an absolute rule of law going forward. Because of this, many human rights issues have been fought over in different courts. Human rights lawyers work to represent victims of human rights violations. This kind of law firm can encompass many situations like immigration cases or discrimination issues. Look at Malliha Wilson, an attorney who has grown her career as a successful human rights advocate. She even worked her way up to Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the Ontario Government and has worked on complex litigation for international human rights. As a visible minority herself, Malliha took her passion for helping people and turned it into something that made a legitimate difference.

2. Work Injury Lawyer

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in the workplace, you’re owed workers’ compensation. If you live in the state of Illinois, for example, a work injury attorney in Chicago can help you get your maximum compensation. Workers’ compensation law revolves around personal injury cases that cover a victim’s medical bills or medical expenses suffered after a job injury. These lawyers understand the complex issues and work for the rights of injured workers. So, if you’re dealing with a personal injury case for a job-related injury, a workers’ compensation lawyer will be the answer for you.

3. Estate Planners

The future may seem scary and unknown, but if you plan for it, it can be a little less intimidating. Estate planning attorneys help you do just that. They help you understand and organize your financial assets. Things like drawing up a will or establishing a trust will go through an estate planning lawyer. They will help you every step of the way to get your affairs in order.

4. Criminal Lawyers

When you think of lawyers, you probably think of shows like Law and Order. The lawyers defending the accused are known as criminal lawyers. So if you’ve been charged with any type of crime, these individuals can offer you the best counsel and legal advice. They are the embodiment of the phrase “innocent until proven guilty,” and will help you get through your trial unscathed. This is probably a more exciting type of law to practice, at least to an outside observer.

5. Family Attorneys

Sadly, relationships don’t always last. For individuals dealing with a divorce or child custody case, you’ll want to consult a family lawyer. Know your legal rights and get counsel on what legal action will be most beneficial for you and your family. These situations can often get messy, so these lawyers have to have a lot of empathy and patience to be good at their jobs.