5 Tips for Taking Your Own Engagement Photos: A How-To for Photog Beginners

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Here we are again, another wedding season has passed and most of us are still hunkered down inside. Well, if you are like the many who have recently become engaged, do not fret, you can take your own engagement photos without the help of a professional. You will end up saving hundreds of dollars and a bunch of time.

1. Smile For The Camera

Usually, couples hire professional photographers for luxury engagement photos because there’s little room for error. Lucky for us, digital cameras have come a long way over the last couple of years. Knowing how to use auto mode will be the key to snappy pictures. If you do not have your own fancy camera try BorrowLenses. They are great with a Sony lens rental and have excellent customer service. BorrowLenses is a company that allows people to rent professional cameras, lenses, and equipment at an amazing price. High-quality gear can cost a lot of money, especially when hiring a photographer, so renting equipment can help you save a huge amount of cash. You will be happy to have some professional equipment so you do not have to experiment with the manual settings.

2. Make It Nice

Location is everything when it comes to an engagement shoot. No couple in their right mind wants to pose in their kitchen or on their couch. You will want to find a beautiful location that hopefully means something to you. Maybe the park in Annapolis where you first kissed or some special spot in your back yard. It also may help if the spot you choose can is versatile. Again, a park would be great because there are usually playgrounds, meadows, and lakes, offering a few different backdrops. You also want to make sure that you do not have photo bombers in your picture. Try to set up for early morning before all the children come out to play.


3. Don’t Forget The Ring

The engagement ring is one of the most important props for your special engagement shoot, next to yourselves of course! Whether your ring is a family heirloom or from jewelers in Baltimore with years of experience, you want to make sure the lenses get a couple of good snaps of the rock. If you’re still looking for a piece of jewelry to signal your engagement, look for a ring at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. Their customer service is impeccable, and you’ll be sure to find the ring of your dreams with the help of these professionals.

At the shoot, you do not want to wear many other accessories that would take away from the ring. If you happen to already have your wedding bands you can use the rental equipment and time to snap some beautiful shows of the fine jewelry too.

4. Fashion Is Everything, Darling

It is super important to make sure you and your partner look the part. Picking out the perfect outfit matters a whole lot more when you are taking the time to pose for a photoshoot of this caliber. The best advice is to try to avoid extremes like white or black. Also, bright colors and patterns can be a hazard to the eye and the Sony lens. Keep your attire simple and understated. Try a simple sundress or jeans with a cute top. You won’t be sorry.

5. Enjoy The Moment

Everyone will tell you how fast your wedding flies by. But the same can be said for the wedding planning. You are going to be stressed out at some points. There will be unforeseeable problems that pop up. The best thing you and partner can do is embrace everything you can’t control but to always remember to enjoy all the good parts. The photoshoot is extra time you and your future spouse get to spend together expressing your love. So laugh, tease each other, and just remember the little things that made you both fall in love. We promise it will show in the pictures.