5 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental Property

The vacation rental market has taken over the travel industry. Private accommodations offer a relaxing and personal experience for today’s travelers, making them feel right at home in any location. Many of the best vacation rentals transport guests with a touch of luxury. By adding upscale touches to your own vacation rental, you can appeal to more travelers and emphasize value. 

The following are some key ways you can add luxury to your vacation home. Putting in this effort will help you stand out among other rentals in your area and keep your guest book full.

Start with the guest experience

Remember that luxury is an experience, and many travelers are looking for a bit of decadence on vacation. Consider how you can make your guests feel cared for on your property. This could mean offering an ample guest book with suggestions on where to eat and what to do. Some spas, restaurants, and other attractions might even be willing to partner with local vacation rentals to offer a discount to guests

You can also add to the guest experience with special features like a pool, hot tub, stocked kitchen, or record player. Contact the local wine distributor and stock the home with complimentary bottles. All of these touches enhance guest experience and make them feel valued.

Keep the decor simple

You guests are leaving their hectic lives behind to relax in your space. And you can help them feel at ease with simple decor. Luxury accommodations often include light and breezy decor, especially those in waterfront locations. If you are renting out a cabin, invest in quality amish furniture and other rustic details. Balance minimalism with coziness by adding fluffy floor pillows, comfortable throw blankets, and luxurious area rugs. Stick to white linens on the beds and complimentary white towels to remind guests that they are in a clean and luxurious home. 

Hang statement art

Luxury vacation rental decor is typically simple, but you can add elegance with some bold statement pieces. This can include large paintings, mirrors on the walls, and decorative lighting features. Features like these add taste and personality to the space, reminding guests that they aren’t in a typical rental. Your home will stand out in their minds, so they will come back year after year.

Clean thoroughly 

If you are marketing your property as a luxury rental, it needs to be spotless when your guests arrive. Be sure to clean the space thoroughly between rentals. You might consider hiring a professional cleaning company to provide this service as well, especially if you own a large home. Your guests will feel extra at ease when they can get ready in a clean bathroom, cook in spotless kitchen, and rest on fresh sheets.

Create an outdoor living space

The outside of your vacation rental is just as important as the inside. Many travelers go on vacation to enjoy the outdoors, so be sure to create a luxurious space to relax outside. If you have a patio or deck, purchase comfortable furniture and a table. Hang string lights and place outdoor candles around the space. You can go a step further by installing a quality outdoor sound system for your guests to enjoy. This outdoor leisure space might become guests’ favorite part of your home. 

A luxury vacation experience is all about the details. Your guests want to feel at ease in a clean and organized home, so your vacation rental should feel like a retreat space. Over time, listen to guest feedback and make changes accordingly. You can successfully turn this rental into a steady income stream with a bit of extra effort and attention.