5 Ways to Keep Your House Cool During the Summer

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Let’s be honest: Everyone is wondering how to keep cool this summer. Settling yourself in front of the fan is an idea or hoping that a seven-year-old air conditioner in the living room window will still blast super cold air once again. It can be challenging trying to keep the house crisp when its a blanket of warmth outside.

Should you change the light bulbs out to a lower wattage? That could help save energy but will it actually chill the whole house. Trying to find that happy medium is hardly as hard as it seems. Don’t break a sweat and check out these five ways below to keep your house cool during this summer.


1. Replace your roof

When deciding if it’s time to get a roofing replacement, make sure you plan around Mother Nature. Weather is more predictable in the summer. The slightest amount of rain can ruin plans in a heartbeat. It’s best to arrange for a new roof because most homeowners have their roofs replaced during summer. If you can tell your roof’s life is coming to an end, try reaching out to a professional contractor to see if you can get a quote. Have them check to see if any shingles are missing or if there are any holes, else you’ll be inviting the heat in.


2. Consider swapping out your flooring

Why should you swap your floor? Well, the carpet looks nice, but Natural Stone or Ceramic Tile might be cooler to your feet when you get out of bed. There are multiple luxury flooring types to consider getting to cool down your home. One option could be vinyl floor installation. It’s super easy to take care of and comes in many patterns! Turning off the lights during the day and keeping blinds closed could also help the floors stay cool. Outdoor spaces could also benefit from new flooring as well such as concrete, or shell stone. Imagine waking up to a chilled floor inside and outside. Sounds nice right?


3. Revamp your AC unit

The heat is in and the cold is out. For indoor unit’s you should make sure you are regularly changing the air filter. This really helps the air quality in your home for everyone. Having your unit inspected on a regular basis will keep your system running smoothly and keep you up to date on any issues.


4. Keep your windows covered

Are you struggling to keep rooms cool during the day? Keeping your windows covered during the day especially while you’re not at home could help cool off the room. A great option is Thermal Curtains, they have blackout technology with two layers of triple woven fabric. (Plus they reduce noise from outside.) Thermal Curtains made of thicker material provide a barrier keeping the heat away. Having these hanging in that one room in the house that is (no matter what) extremely balmy could give you that peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Ranging from different sizes to patterns to solid colors the options are endless and will keep your rooms chilled.


5. Change to cooler light bulbs

Have you ever tried to take a blown bulb out with your hand? It was hot right. (Ouch!) Even sitting at a table in the restaurant you can feel the warmth coming from the bulb above you. A way to reduce having these hot bulbs heat up your home is by replacing them with Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. LED bulbs consume less energy than standard light bulbs. When lit, they are cool to the touch and have no heat coming off of it, as our regular, incandescent bulbs do. Offered in multiple colors, warm white, soft white, or bright white. LED bulbs are more expensive than your standard incandescent bulbs but last two times longer making it totally worth the higher price.

After reading about these five ways to keep your home cool this summer your home should be the chillest on the block. Take the time to decide what will work best for your home with also keeping your budget in mind.