5 Web-Based Education Tools for Online Students

Tools for Online Students

This is the year for online students and remote learning. Many students from all grade levels are conducting school virtually this year. However, remote learning is a difficult transition for many students who are used to traditional help every day within their classrooms.

As a parent or student, you might be feeling discouraged because you don’t know how to get for your child’s needs, or if you’re an older student, how to get help for your own needs. Fortunately, there are tutoring services out there that can assist during these challenging times. Keep reading to explore five different tutoring options and subject-driven ideas to incorporate into your learning program.

1. English and Writing Tools

Writing skills take time to master. Students of all ages must be able to write effectively to communicate their ideas and opinions. When it comes to academic writing, certain skills like grammar and spelling can either improve or discount a student’s score or efficacy. To combat grammar and spelling mistakes, check out tools that can assist an entire host of writing needs.

With the countless grammar rules in the English language, you want a tool like Word Counter that can assist with a wide variety of English words and phrases. For example, many commonly struggle with word choice. One of these common weaknesses in writing is distinguishing the difference between the two words, former vs latter. Their site describes that “former” is an adjective used to describe a person or title. They also give examples to help you better understand exactly what the former means. They also do the same explanation process with the latter as well.

2. Science and experiments

Science encompasses math skills like computation, exploration, and understanding of the environment, and reading graphs. This tool is more closely geared towards kids under high school age. If you’re having a hard time getting a lot of information out of science classes, check out the Kid’s Science Youtube channel for tons of videos. They have how-to videos, experiment ideas, and explanations for common laws of science.

3. Math skills

It’s highly likely at some point you or your child might struggle with math. If you’re looking for an easy way to help out and boost their confidence, consider visiting hellothinkster.com for an experienced online math tutor. Their expert math tutors know what to do with your student so that success in math doesn’t feel unachievable. Their tutoring services range from k-8 math and beyond to high school math. They offer a math tutor app, parent app, and one on one tutoring for a streamlined, effective approach to your child’s learning.

You will also work on test prep, homework help, and other misunderstandings that you’re currently experiencing throughout your tutoring sessions or classwork. This attention to detail from your math tutor is incredibly critical for your student’s needs. The Hello Thinkster tutors will undoubtedly help your student to improve their math skills so that your student approaches math assignments, tests, and various school work with ease.

4. Historical help

History can be challenging because it requires a lot of factual memorization. Every grade level has a specific historical context that the students learn. Maybe your child needs to memorize the former president or what happened during a certain year. Flashcards are a great way to help remember facts, but it can be quite boring. To be more engaging with your factual memorization, use the Kahoot! website to make online quizzes and games you can play with your facts for a more fun way to answer questions than simple flashcards.

5. Citation sources

Writing papers effectively is challenging for many students. So when a citation is added into the mix, it’s understandable that students feel overwhelmed or lost. There are many different citation styles out there. Some of these include MLA, APA, and Chicago Style. All of these require specific directions for both citation pages and in-text citations. Without in-person guidance, these styles are complicated to grasp. Consider checking out Purdue Owl’s website to answer questions you have. This way, you can ace your academic writing and citations.