8 Ways to Make Your Home Safer in 2020

a door handle on a door

Home security is a hot industry this year—and for good reason. As technology catches up with the need for safer homes, 2020 is the perfect time to check off your security resolutions. Fortunately, there are several changes you can make to feel safer in and around your home. Here are some key ways to increase home security and safety for your family.

1. Install Cameras

If you haven’t already, installing cameras around your home is a great place to start. Outdoor cameras will constantly monitor activity and alert you if they detect motion. You can also install a doorbell camera, giving you an even closer look at who is coming and going. Even just the presence of visible security cameras can be enough to deter a thief. And you can look back at the footage if you face vandalism or other mischiefs.

2. Switch to Motion-Sensor Lights

Motion-sensor lights are another deterrent for burglars. Install them outside your garage and shed, since these locations house valuables and are common targets. A light above the front door can also be helpful. Many of these lights are available with light timers, so you can control when the motion-sensing capabilities are active.

3. Bring The Mail Inside

You might not always remember to grab flyers from your front door or bring in packages right away. However, a pileup of mail can make it look like you’re not home. And this can be an invitation to burglars. Always try to bring junk mail and other items inside. If you aren’t home, ask a friend or neighbor to grab the mail for you.

4. Talk to Your Neighbors

Building relationships with your neighbors is one of the best ways to feel safer at home. You can talk about specific security concerns and activity that’s been happening in the area. You can also help each other out with tasks like snow shoveling and mowing, reducing trip hazards in each other’s yards. Generally, neighborhoods are safer when neighbors help each other out.

5. Be Smart When Selling

Safety should be a priority even if you’re selling your home. This is even true if your home is vacant. Burglars will often target vacant homes for sale since they are full of staging furniture and void of residents. The key is to get your home off the market quickly. Hard money brokers are a great option for doing so. They can find potential buyers with quick loans, speeding up the sale. Then you can enjoy the peace of mind of an occupied house

6. Landscape Frequently

Yard safety is an important part of owning a home. Be sure to keep your grass trimmed and even, picking up any sticks or rocks in your yard. This maintenance will prevent people from tripping while walking in the yard. Landscaping can also improve home security. Burglars can hide behind overgrown shrubs, so keep your bushes short and neat.

7. Get a Dog

If you’re looking for an excuse to add a furry friend to your family, home security might be enough. A dog with a loud bark can scare thieves away. They can also alert you if anyone enters your property during the day or night. If you want to add another layer of security, a “beware of dog” sign never hurts.

8. Remember Pool Safety

Every town and city has pool safety. For example, you likely need to keep a fence around your in-ground pool and lock up the ladder to your above-ground pool. To reduce drowning risk even further, consider adding additional safety features. Pool nets are a great place to start. These nets act as a barrier, preventing people or pets from falling into the water.

From reducing trip hazards to keeping burglars away, there are many aspects of home safety to focus on. Fortunately, with the right technology and maintenance, you can keep your home as secure as possible.