Autumn Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

House is the Fall

Every time the season changes, it is a good idea to take stock of your rental properties and ensure everything is up to code and in proper working order. Doing so each season, or quarterly, ensures you’re always ready to rent your apartment unit out to a new tenant. The fall season is frequently a time when tenant turnover occurs, as students head back to school and others move for new job opportunities. Beyond updating your property listings on turbotenant, here’s a quick maintenance checklist to go over each autumn to make sure that your rental properties are renter ready.

Inspect the HVAC

Before the temperatures start to get cold, it’s a great idea to inspect your apartment building’s heating and cooling system. This can help you avoid stressful repairs when the weather is colder and tenants are more likely to be upset. There are plenty of local professionals who can help you perform an inspection and ensure your HVAC system is good to go. You may want to time these inspections out so that your heating gets inspected in the fall and your air conditioning gets monitored about six months later, when the weather starts to warm up. Having separate HVAC inspections ensures each system gets the time and attention it deserves so that you can have peace of mind that your HVAC will be good to go when the winter months come.

Clean gutters and trim trees

As autumn starts, it’s also a good idea to start cleaning your gutters regularly. Especially when leaves start falling off of trees, your gutters may get clogged with debris from trees. This can cause your gutters to work less effectively, and in turn might cause rain to pool on your roof, which could be a recipe for disaster. One way to reduce the amount of leaves falling in your gutters is to use the start of autumn as a time to trim any branches that hang directly over your property. Another option is investing in self-cleaning gutters to help reduce the likelihood that your gutters will become clogged.

Check the windows

Just as you want to take a look at your HVAC system when the temperature starts to fall, you’ll want to check that your windows are properly sealed in autumn, too. This can help keep your property energy efficient and also keeps your heating system more effective. If your windows are leaking out warm air or letting cold air in, it can make for an uncomfortable living experience. This, in turn, can cause tenants to have a negative perspective about you and your property. Checking that your windows are functioning as designed can help your new tenants begin their relationship with you on the right foot, and illustrates that you care about maintaining your properties.

Inspect the plumbing and pipes

Another aspect of your rental property which should always get inspected annually is the plumbing. Make sure pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms aren’t leaking, so tenants won’t have any issues with the plumbing as it starts to get colder. Especially in states where autumn means large fluctuations in temperature, an overnight freeze can be potentially disastrous and cause a lot of damage to your rental. Unknown water leaks can quickly cause costly problems like mold or wood rot. 
Particularly in the midwest and northern areas of the United States, it’s crucial to perform some simple rental maintenance tasks as the seasons change. A simple checklist can go a long way in keeping you on schedule as a property manager, especially if you are responsible for multiple units. By completing the above tasks, you’ll be able to keep your property in great shape, whether you’re expecting new tenants or just want to keep things running smoothly with your current tenants.