Common Appliance Maintenance Issues and How To Fix Them

a kitchen with white cabinets

The appliances we use around the house daily often go overlooked. When was the last time you checked your fridge’s coolant levels? Have you noticed your oven taking longer to preheat? While we move along with our busy lifestyles, we often don’t realize when one of our appliances is on the fritz.

Whether you find yourself dealing with a clog in the kitchen sink, a bathtub that refuses to drain, or a hot water tank that refuses to heat water, knowing how to fix certain issues around the house may save you a bit of time, and a lot of money, versus what you’ll spend on seeking out professional services. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the most common issues you’ll see around the house and quick fixes to get things back in working order.

Preventive maintenance may save you both time and money.


Sinks and drains get used several times a day. Each bathroom in your home and your kitchen is constantly being visited by someone. This is why clean drains are so important. It isn’t uncommon for people to pour grease, gunk, and bits of food down the kitchen drain accidentally. Bathroom drains are on the receiving end of toothpaste globs, soap, and excess hair. When these area’s drains are dirty and clogged, then the entire family has an issue.

To avoid an unwanted clogged drain, drain cleaning is a must. Whether you choose to reach out to professionals for this type of care for your plumbing system or do it yourself, avoiding buildup in your bathroom sink, garbage disposal, and the kitchen sink is imperative. Not only will dirty drains cause backups, but you’ll also deal with unwanted odor when grime finds its way into your drainage system to stay. Using a proper sink stopper, avoiding dumping grease down drains, and watching for large food particles will help you keep your drains cleaner and avoid bad situations.

Covid-19 makes the cleaning of appliances and surfaces more important.


With Covid-19 changing the way we live, more people find themselves deciding to work from home. Those who do go into the office may find themselves needing to take more precautions to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone around them. No matter your work situation, however, the appliances around your home or office need to be well-maintained and kept safe from Covid-19.

Refrigerator handles, stovetops, keyboards, doorknobs, computer monitors, and even telephones, need to be wiped down to help control the spread of Covid-19. In both home offices and workplace office space, using tips for getting your workplace ready for Covid-19 will keep infection down. These special measures can also help fight against the flu and other viruses that may be making their way around your area.

Your heating and air conditioning need constant care to work as they should.


Most people don’t consider their heating and air conditioning units as appliances, but to be honest, they are. Most days of the year, we find ourselves using one or the other of these systems. In many instances, homeowners may find themselves using their HVAC system more often than their kitchen stove. With this much use, proper maintenance is crucial.

Keeping your units clean and ready for use is imperative if you plan on staying comfortable inside your home. Replacing filters, cleaning drain lines, and keeping ductwork free of debris is a great way to care for your units. If issues begin popping up with your HVAC unit, these areas are the first you should check. Often a quick cleaning or the unclogging of the drain line will get you back up and running.

By taking these tips on caring for your common appliances and fixing them when issues arise to heart, you can easily keep things working better around your home. In the event you find yourself facing failing appliances, and you can’t pinpoint the issues, reach out to professional contractors immediately for proper guidance and the services you need.