Common Causes of Dizziness and How to Manage Them

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Dizziness is the sensation of being lightheaded, woozy, or unbalanced. It affects the eyes and ears, can cause fainting, and is typically a symptom of a medical condition. Dizziness affects many adults, and it’s not usually caused by something serious. It’s common to feel dizzy on occasion, but repeated episodes are cause for a doctor’s appointment.

What are some causes of dizziness?


There are many possible causes of lightheadedness, including inner ear disturbance, prescription drug side effects, and underlying medical conditions. The duration of your dizzy spells and the presence of other symptoms help your doctor determine the cause.

Inner Ear Problems


The sensory system, which includes the eyes, sensory nerves, and inner ear among others, helps with your sense of balance. Inner ear problems can cause vertigo or a false sensation that the room or your surroundings are spinning. Vertigo results when your brain receives signals from the inner ear that are inconsistent with signals from the eyes and sensory nerves.

Tinnitus is a condition in which tinnitus sufferers hear buzzing, ringing or hissing sounds that aren’t externally present. There are many possible causes of tinnitus, such as long-term exposure to loud noises or exposure to a single loud sound that causes nerve damage. Not only are these unwanted sounds annoying, but they impact the quality of life for tinnitus sufferers. Tinnitus patients may experience complications such as insomnia, memory loss, nausea, irritability, and anxiety.

There is no cure for tinnitus but patients can learn to manage tinnitus symptoms with sound therapy and herbal supplements made with natural ingredients. Tinnitus 911 is a daily vitamin and dietary supplement that helps calm the nervous system and relieve inner ear pain caused by buzzing sounds. The tinnitus supplement is made with natural ingredients including vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B12, garlic, hibiscus flower, olive leaf, Hawthorne Berry, buchu leaves, juniper berry, and green tea. This dietary supplement is a natural solution that improves cognitive function while helping to quiet constant ringing and buzzing.

Circulation Problems


A drop in systolic blood pressure can cause you to suddenly feel dizzy or faint. This often happens if you stand up too quickly. Poor blood circulation caused by cardiomyopathy, heart attack, or heart arrhythmia could make you feel dizzy. Decreased blood volume can cause inadequate blood flow to your brain or inner ear, which will cause you to feel dizzy.

Other Common Problems


Dizziness is one of the most common side effects of prescription medications, such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications. Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease can also cause a loss of balance, and certain anxiety disorders can cause lightheadedness. Lightheadedness can be a symptom of anemia or hypoglycemia if accompanied by additional signs and symptoms.

What are some treatments for dizziness?


Treating lightheadedness and faintness depends on the underlying cause. For most adults, home remedies and medical treatments can help control the underlying cause. Inner ear problems can be treated with medicine and balance exercises. Migraines can be treated with medicine, lifestyle changes, and learning to avoid triggers. Anxiety disorders can be treated with therapy, relaxation exercises, and medicine.

Lifestyle changes can help you manage dizziness.


It’s a good idea to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco as these substances can trigger or worsen the sensation. Talk to your doctor about your dosage if you suspect your medication is causing your dizzy spells. Rest in a cool place and drink plenty of water if you are feeling faint from dehydration or overheating. Getting sufficient sleep and drinking at least eight glasses of water daily, along with a healthy diet, can also help.

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It’s common to feel lightheaded on occasion. If you experience frequent episodes, see your doctor to determine the underlying cause.