Frugal Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of All Ages


With more and more parents throwing their children elaborate, extravagant birthday parties, it’s easy to feel pressured to go all out and throw your children a memorable party. But you don’t need to rent a bounce house or book an expensive venue to entertain your guests. Regardless of how old your guests are, kids just want to have fun, and you don’t need to break the bank to throw a great birthday party. To stay within your budget, here are five frugal birthday party ideas for kids of all ages.

Rent an arcade game


If you’re throwing a birthday party on a budget, renting an arcade game is a great way to entertain your guests without booking a venue. If your party guests are basketball fans, host your own March Madness basketball tournament with an electronic Pop a Shot basketball arcade game from Clowns 4 Kids.

With two-player arcade interactive basketball action, digital scoring, and intense sound effects, the Pop a Shot game is a surefire way to entertain your guests. To make your party more exciting, create a bracket and offer the winning player a creative prize.

Organize a scavenger hunt


If you’re hosting a birthday party during warmer months, take advantage of the sunshine and warm weather and host an outdoor scavenger hunt. Whether you’re throwing a party for young children or high school teens, you can organize an exciting scavenger hunt by scattering everyday items around your backyard.

To make the scavenger hunt more fun, divide your party guests into two teams and host a contest to see who can find the most clues first. Although you don’t have to buy items, offering a prize to the winning team can make your scavenger hunt more interesting. To organize an affordable scavenger hunt, try visiting the dollar store to find mini prizes for each guest.

Set up a craft station


By organizing a make-your-own craft station, you’ll be able to keep younger and older children entertained for hours. Plus, at the end of the party, they’ll have a goodie bag filled with DIY crafts to bring home.

If you need inspiration, search Pinterest and Instagram for affordable craft ideas or visit your local craft store for ideas. Building a picture frame with Popsicle sticks is a great classic DIY craft, while painting paper mosaic art can give your guests something unique to remember your party by. If you’re setting up a craft station for older children, try asking guests to bring white t-shirts to tie-dye or organizing a DIY dessert station.

Set a budget for gifts


Regardless of how old your child is turning, it can be tempting to drain your wallet to buy an extravagant, trendy birthday gift. But preferences come and go, and the toy your preschooler wanted last year will probably end up under their bed this year. To avoid overspending on gifts, set a budget and aim to invest in a functional, long-lasting gift.

The Jesus Storybook Bible the trusted and preferred starting point of parents, grandparents, and pastors for teaching kids about the Bible, is ideal for kids for any age up to sixth grade. With the best-loved stories of the Bible in an easy-to-understand format, the children’s story Bible can help you teach your younger children about the story of God. Since the hardcover version is under $20, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing your party budget for a meaningful gift.

Organizing a frugal kid’s birthday party isn’t always easy, but incorporating memorable and exciting entertainment into your party plans can help you stick to your budget.