How Angel Numbers Can Impact Your Decisions

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There has been a major shift in consciousness in the United States over the past decade. People are seeking spiritual enlightenment and independence where they used to seek religion and cultural acceptance. This being the case, many people have become increasingly interested in New Age spirituality. The most ironic thing about New Age spirituality is that, despite being called “new,” many of its practices and beliefs are older than traditional religion.

One of the many aspects of New Age spirituality is numerology. People are becoming more interested in numbers and what they mean. There are a lot more posts on social media about what it means to see numbers in sequence like 333 and 444 and the symbology behind these angel numbers. Continue reading to learn what angel numbers are and what it means if you keep seeing them.

What are angel numbers?


If you’ve never heard of angel numbers, it only logically follows that the number one question in your head at the moment is, “What are angel numbers?” The first thing you need to understand is that if you’re consistently seeing number sequences of a triplicity or quadruplicity of mundane numbers, which are the numbers 1-9, there’s a reason behind it. If you notice that you’re always looking at the clock at 4:44 in the afternoon and seeing that number in different places, your intuition is reaching out to you.

In numerology, angels and archangels are represented by numbers. Numerologists and other New Age spiritualists believe that if you’re consistently seeing patterns like 111 or 777, it’s a sign that a guardian angel is trying to get your attention. The most important thing to know is that consistently seeing sequences of angel numbers is a positive sign that you’re on the right path, and your spirit guides want to join you.

What should you do if you start seeing angel numbers?


As mentioned before, seeing angel numbers is a sign that your spirit guide or guardian angel is trying to contact you. It could mean anything from a new opportunity on the horizon or that things in the spiritual world are about to be manifest in the physical world.

Spiritual messengers often come to us to steer us in a new direction or to tell us that the path we’re on is one of abundance. If a blessing is headed toward your business, you might have some reasons to hire a headhunter. When you’re connected with your intuition, your business is going to prosper, so you should bring in some new talent to help manage your company’s growth.

If your spirit guides are trying to reach out to you, the best way to get insight into what they want is to reach back. They could be trying to lead you into a new area of your life, but you’ll never know if you don’t accept their invitation to connect.

The material world can be a hindrance to connecting with your intuition, but if you’re able to quiet your mind and settle into the moment, you can raise the vibration of your energy body. The higher the vibration of your energy body, the easier it will be for you to connect with your spirit guides.

What does 111 mean?


One of the most common repeating number sequences that people see is 111. If you’re consistently 111, it means that you’re getting a message from the angelic realm that your life is coming full circle and you need to connect with your higher self.

The best way to connect with your higher self is to develop a practice of meditation and prayer. Meditation helps you to quiet your mind and disconnect from the material world. Prayer is how you get into alignment with your higher self. Once you discover your higher self, you’ve taken the first step towards understanding your life purpose.