How Effective Are Mosquito Misting Systems?

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While you might just find mosquitoes to be annoying, they’re actually dangerous insects that are responsible for spreading fatal diseases. In fact, mosquito-transmitted illnesses kill more than a million people every single year. These diseases cause blindness, brain issues, and debilitating pain. Mosquitoes put you at risk of malaria, dengue fever, lymphatic filariasis, and bird-related diseases like the West Nile virus. This is a virus that has infected over 3 million Americans and causes you to develop headaches, joint pains, and a fever.

As you can see, mosquitoes are biting insects that have the ability to cause disease, permanent disability, and death. They infect both animals and humans alike. So, you may be wondering, what is the best way to control unwanted mosquitoes? How do you prevent mosquitoes from invading your outdoor space and putting you at risk of disease? Well, homeowners all over the United States have been looking for better solutions for mosquito control, and one of the most popular solutions is a backyard misting system that sprays insecticide. Learn about whether a mosquito misting system is an effective solution for your home.

How does a mosquito misting system work?


Mosquito misting systems are programmable systems that are installed in your backyard or patio. These misting systems have a nozzle that sprays a fine mist of insecticide around your outdoor space. Because mosquitoes are often active outdoors during dusk and dawn, the system is programmed to spray during the hours in which the insects are most active. As a homeowner, you can set the automatic sprayers to emit insecticide for 45 to 60 seconds. Using the timer is meant to prevent mosquito populations from growing while still allowing beneficial birds and insects, such as butterflies and bees, to thrive. For optimal pest management, homeowners typically set the misters to run two to three times a day.

Is a mosquito misting system effective?

If you want a comfortable and safe outdoor space, then an outdoor residential misting system is an effective way to get rid of pesky mosquitoes. For starters, the widespread coverage from a mosquito misting system covers the size of any deck, backyard, or patio thanks to a number of misters. These misters have nozzles that spray natural botanical insecticides called permethrins and pyrethrins. Pyrethrins and permethrins prevent mosquito eggs from hatching into larvae and becoming adult mosquitoes. Because the insecticide products are sprayed during the times in which these biting insects are most active, they eliminate pesky mosquitoes while allowing beneficial insects to thrive. To ensure optimal results, the nozzles even come with wind sensors, and the direction of the spray can be adjusted. You get to customize the treatment schedule depending on your family’s needs, and the insecticide also helps tackle other pests that might invade your backyard. It’s the perfect solution to eliminate mosquitoes from your home and reduce the potential risk of disease.

Can you install a mosquito misting system yourself?


It’s best to seek out a team of professionals to install your pest control system. These systems require permanent installation to provide pest control for your outdoor space. The technicians from Bugs Be Gone install several nozzles throughout the perimeter of a home. These nozzles are connected to a multi-gallon supply of insecticide. Technicians at Bugs Be Gone monitor the levels of your supply and refill it before it’s empty. They’ll check on your misters annually to ensure that everything is working efficiently.

Take back your outdoor space from mosquitoes and schedule an appointment for a mosquito control system installation. Bugs Be Gone helps reduce the pest population in your home with the use of a reliable misting system that controls mosquito populations at the touch of a button!