How Impactful Tools Can Help You Shape Your Business

a laptop with a keyboard

Business development has always remained a priority for small business owners. Leveraging the market’s custom and cutting edge tools as well as strategic frameworks to create growth opportunities is a standard practice among local brick-and-mortar and fully digital outfits all over the United States and beyond.

Implementing powerful analytics and leaning on feedback from customers for continued product development and marketing tactics is a favorite among small businesses. That being said, how can you implement all these powerful data points in order to better foresee the future? With the right tools, you can build an extensive framework for constant improvements that will see your firm leapfrog your competitors and never look back.

Implement voice of customer insights for a targeted and fast-acting boost.


Utilizing focus groups, customer feedback forms, and other voice of the customer (VoC) data points and VoC software is the best way to quickly gain powerful insights into the processes and products that are working for your business, and perhaps more importantly, these tools help you understand where you are going wrong with the ones that aren’t working.

The voice of the customer is a crucial insight into continued success for your brand. With focus groups and other VoC outlets, you can build accurate models of how the customer interacts with your brand and the products or services that you offer. These insights into the customer experience can help you tailor your pricing structure, improve quality or design features that aren’t stacking up with the market’s demand, or influence the rollout of new product lines in the future.

The importance of this feedback can’t be overstated. You simply can’t afford to skip the information gained through VoC points of contact from your customers themselves.

Manage your firm’s data carefully.


With services like LifeRaft, you can keep a close eye on the social media presence and online vulnerabilities that your firm may be facing. LifeRaft is a crucial tool for business. With it, customers are able to rest securely in the knowledge that LifeRaft analytics teams are scouring the internet for signs of potential data compromise. Monitoring and combing through threat analyses is a standard need for any small business, but conducting these searches yourself can be incredibly time-consuming and mentally draining.

Keeping alert for breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive information, or the theft of proprietary company knowledge is a must, no matter what industry you work within. Using tools that make this task painless can keep you on your toes while remaining focused on the other, more direct tasks within your business plan.

Implement goal-setting measures to help track progress.


Setting and tracking goals with the help of a simple OKR tool is a great way to continually strive toward unparalleled success. No business was built overnight. Instead, business leaders take advantage of the tools they have available in order to create the conditions for future success, today. With an OKR framework you are granted a powerful tool to do just that. OKRs are simplified goal trackers that break the process of setting and striving toward goals into two segments.

First, you think about the overarching direction that you want to move your brand. Goals that further this mission are considered “objectives,” while the mid-stream “key results” help you stay on target as you reach toward your company’s future. Goal setting is a core responsibility for leadership teams across industrial sectors, so implementing an easy-to-use tool to get yourself started is often a winner for many small business owners or team leaders.

Utilizing all the tools at your disposal is a great way to galvanize new and exciting brand momentum. Make sure you are taking advantage of all the market has to offer.