How Software Integrations Can Improve Your Cannabusiness

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Ever since the first states legalized cannabis for recreational use, companies have been exploring the plant more in-depth to find out about its supposed health-promoting qualities. One of the great developments that have come of the increased interest in cannabis plants is the rise to stardom of CBD as a treat-all supplement.

Not only do people use CBD oils and tinctures for their healing properties, but it turns out that smoking and vaping CBD is also pretty relaxing. However, as relaxing as cannabidiol can be, trying to keep up with the burgeoning CBD industry can be pretty stressful, especially if you don’t have the right enterprise IT infrastructure. When you’re dealing with a robust IT infrastructure that utilizes multiple software programs, you also have to emphasize integrating functions and data from different enterprise applications and data sources. Continue reading to learn how enterprise application integration can enhance your CBD or canna-business.

What is enterprise application integration?


CBD and vape pens have been on a similar path to prominence for years now, so it would only make sense for the two to integrate to create a unique experience for vape and CBD aficionados. It’s also important to incorporate an array of flavors and different types of CBD vape pens to attract customers. The success of your CBD business will depend largely on your ability to seamlessly integrate all of those elements to create a unique product line.

Believe it or not, the example you just read is pretty similar to what enterprise application integration (EAI) is. Running a CBD vape pen company requires you to have a powerful enterprise IT infrastructure supported by high-quality enterprise applications. EAI is the process of getting all of your enterprise applications to communicate to share customer data, company data, and certain functions.

What does EAI software do?


You likely have one software program you use for your supply chain management solutions. This application will have information like the different CBD vape pens, cartridges, and oils you offer as well as a database for suppliers and analytics tools to help you find the best CBD vape pens and THC oils. If you handle your own marketing campaigns, you would also need project management software for project development.

To create marketing campaigns around your product line of THC and hemp-based CBD products, vape pens, and cartridges, you would need to be able to integrate data from your supply chain management software into your product management application. Without an EAI platform, you would have to handle your application integration manually.

EAI programs apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate application integration. Furthermore, a high-quality enterprise application integration platform will not only transcend data silos but will also offer a centralized dashboard from which you can pick which data sets and functions you need from specific enterprise applications.

How can an EAI system benefit your canna business or CBD company?


Your CBD company takes in a ton of data, especially if you also have an online store. Even though it’s important for your enterprise software programs to communicate and share data, data integration isn’t a business process you want to spend a lot of time on if you’re not an IT specialist.

One of the biggest pros of EAI systems is that they make data integration much simpler and quicker. EAI systems help beginners to manage data integration like the pros by helping new applications and legacy systems to work synergistically and share data seamlessly.

Anytime you can automate your business processes, you save your company time and money, leaving you to focus on things more central to company success like finding the best natural ingredients and disposable vape pens for your product line.

The right EAI system could have a monumental impact on your enterprise application infrastructure. By making your data more accessible, you can gain in-depth insights you might otherwise have missed and make better decisions quicker.