How To Find The Right Packaging For Your Business

a person holding a box

Choosing a packaging option for your products can be a tricky task. You’ll need to make a plan so you don’t overspend or pick packaging options that will not do the job right. Depending on what your product is, you’re going to need to choose the right size, material, designs, and of course, price. There are some options that work be than others, however, there’s no one-size option that fits them all.

If, for example, your business involves dispensing a solid yet small enough product into a container and selling it, you may want to give these pop top bottles from Cool Jarz a try. These child-resistant concentrate containers are perfect for storing small to medium products to be sold in wholesale and retail businesses. They are made from FDA-approved and food-safe polypropene so they can be used for storing edibles, they can be washed, and reused with any other products.

It takes some thought and research to determine if you need a pop top bottle, an envelope, or a cardboard box full of bubble wrap to package your products properly. If you want to know which packaging option is right for you, here’s what you should do.

Make a budget.


First, you’re going to want to make a budget for your business packaging solution. Making a budget will help you keep your business spending within an affordable monetary scope—it will help you determine which materials and designs you can spend your money on. Think of this as an investment, so depending on what you choose, and how your customers enjoy them, you will either lose or gain money. Additionally, you may have to increase your consumer prices if the packaging option is too expensive or if it causes too many issues such as breaking in transit, spilling the goods, or spoiling the product.

Decide on a size.

After determining your budget, you’re going to want to determine a size option for your packaging. The size of your packaging will be determined by different things. This can include your branding, design preferences, materials used, and of course, the size of your products. You may not have a packaging that will work with every single one of your items, but you can try to create options that can be transformed to your business’s taste.

Assess its functionality.


Likewise, your next packaging solution will depend on the consistency of the products in your store. If you stock liquids, perhaps crystal or hard plastic materials will work better. If your products are made of paper or other lightweight materials, you can opt for simple cardboard boxes or large envelopes. If you have perishable items, you may need to use breathable materials so they can maintain their freshness.

Research materials and their sustainability.

As mentioned, the material will depend on the type of product you sell at your shop. On the other hand, the sustainability of your packaging will depend on the materials you choose. Some materials are better than others at preserving the environment. For instance, using recycled cardboard materials over single-use plastics will promote sustainability. Your customers will also enjoy having these recycled materials in their packaging as they can be reused for any other purpose they deem appropriate.

Consider your branding and designs.


Lastly, you should consider your branding and designs when choosing a packaging option. Implementing your brand’s colors and staple designs can help customers quickly identify your products as well as familiarize themselves with your brand. Additionally, consider the fact that many customers have social media where they like to show off their latest purchases and leave reviews on everything from the quality of the product to the style of the packaging. They will also post pictures with catchy quotes or hashtags, which can be beneficial to your business if your containers look cool or elegant.

Be sure to analyze each of these points prior to choosing your new packaging style.