How to Handle Emergencies at Home

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Things can go wrong no matter where you are, but when you’re at home, you’re the one who has to handle the issues. Here’s what to do if any of these emergencies occur.

An Animal Bit You

You should always be on the lookout for animals that could bite someone in your home, especially if you have small children. Raccoons or other wild animals might be attempting to take over your house, and a bite from a raccoon could transmit rabies. If you think you might have raccoons, skunks, or other wild animals in your home, look up “animal catcher near me.”

These professionals can remove any animal, from squirrels to bats. The experts will get rid of unwanted animals humanely, so there’s nothing to worry about. If an animal bites you or a family member before animal control gets there, go to the doctor immediately to receive the proper treatment. This entire emergency can be handled quickly and efficiently as long as you stay calm and call the proper experts.


There’s a Loss of Power

Power outages happen for a variety of reasons: storms, downed trees, a car crash, and more. If you do lose power, don’t panic. You might be tempted to immediately open your fridge and start assessing what you have in there but resist the urge. Keep your fridge and freezer closed until you know what’s happening and how long the outage might be. Unplug your electronics in the home in case the power surges when it comes back.

If a family member or friend still has power and it’s safe to leave the house, you might want to spend the night with them. Before you experience a loss of power, prepare the home. Keep a flashlight in a location where it will be easy to find and grab when you need it. Install battery backups in your carbon monoxide and fire detectors.

Get a portable charger for cell phones so you can still charge up if there’s no power, and make sure your landline phones have batteries. Losing power can seem scary, so make sure your family knows the procedures and keep them calm if the power does go out.


You’re Locked Out

You should probably expect to be locked out of your house at least once. Maybe you left your keys inside and didn’t realize it or they’re in your other bag. Either way, you and your family members should have a plan for if one of you is locked out. The first step should be to call someone else who lives in the home and see if he or she can come let you in.

If everyone else is on vacation or you’re the only one with a key, you’ll have to call a locksmith to come and get you in the house. Locksmiths are typically available 24/7, so no matter what time of day it is he or she should be able to help. You could also look around the house for an open window or try to pick the lock yourself. If you’d like to avoid being locked out altogether, consider a smart lock that doesn’t require a key. You could trust a neighbor to keep a spare key in his or her home or you could leave a spare in a hide-a-key in the yard. Whatever you decide, make sure everyone knows the plan.


No matter the emergency, make sure you have a plan and that your family knows what to do. As long as you stay calm and call the right people, the problems will be dealt with quickly and easily. An emergency might mean you suddenly need audiology services, but needing a hearing specialist is much better than needing an ambulance. Keep your family safe and stay calm.