How To Set Up Your Own E-Shop

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There’s no better time to start an online business than now. All you need to start an online store is a domain name, a web host, and a killer product that customers will want. Setting up an eCommerce store is a simple process that doesn’t require any special skills or experience. The hard part is creating an online store that will catch attention, gain loyal followers, and see sales.

Choose a memorable website domain name.


The most annoying step of starting an online store is finding a great name that’s available. The last thing you want to do is register a business name to find out the website is taken or the name is trademarked. When coming up with a memorable business name, choose something easy to spell, contains three or fewer words, can get the .com domain, relevant to your business niche, and not in violation of trademark.

Choose a unique name that reflects your business, is catchy, and is easy for potential customers to search. Once you arrive at a name, you’ll need to register your domain name, find a web host, and get an SSL certificate to accept credit card payments online. You can either choose to run your own eCommerce website, or you can choose to work with an eCommerce platform. Different eCommerce platforms come with different fee structures, customer service, integrations, and marketing options. The key to choosing the right eCommerce platform is to find something that’s efficient and cost-effective at the same time.

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Determine the right product niche for your online store.


The success of your eCommerce store largely hinges on the product niche you offer. Do market research to learn how much demand exists in your product niche. If there’s minimal demand, move on to the next product niche until you find your fit. Avoid choosing a product category that’s too unique. Differentiating your brand from the competition is a smart way to stand out to potential customers. There are several approaches to differentiating a product, but the key is to offer something value-added that customers are willing to pay for.

An alternative is to identify an underserved niche category that competitors aren’t dominating and gain the attention of potential customers. Avoid any product categories with a low price point. The lower the price, the more products you need to sell to break even. Opt for a product with a moderate price that will sell quickly and easily so you don’t wait a long time to see profits.

A great example of a niche product is wax worms. They can be found around the world living near or in beehives. Waxworms are the larvae stage of the greater wax moth, Galleria Mellonella, and make ideal feeder insects for reptiles and amphibians. With the right equipment from TopFlight Dubia, raising wax worms at home is easy. All you need is the right housing in a dark, low-ventilation setting with warm and comfortable bedding, and soon you will have nutritious feeder insects for your reptilian pets.

Optimize your website to increase web traffic.


You can’t expect to see sales if you don’t optimize your website to attract organic web traffic through search engines. There are several best practices for optimizing your website, starting with the use of keywords in your product descriptions. Keyword research will show you what search terms your target customers use and provide useful information that will increase search rankings. A content scheduling tool will help you stay on track with the scheduled posting of content. These simple SEO tactics can make a significant impact on the amount of web traffic and sales your website sees.

Leverage social media marketing to your advantage and take the time to craft a strong online presence. The more users that explore your website, the more potential you have to build a loyal brand following that results in more completed transactions. When you create engaging content that relates to your target audience, customers are more inclined to interact with your brand and spread the word.

Using the right keywords to describe your product is an effective way to bring it to life and catch the attention of customers. For example, MyTellTale specializes in a range of intimates designed for women of all body types. Their effortless bralettes provide optimal support and all-day comfort without pesky underwires. Their wireless lace bralette features adjustable straps for customized support and unlined cups for a natural shape. The line of bralettes comes in a mix of your favorite colors, prints, and fabrics to pair perfectly with any lingerie collection. Using the appropriate keywords like the type of products you sell is important in order to garner traffic to your business.

Setting up your own online store isn’t difficult when you follow these steps. Starting a successful online store starts by adopting the right strategy.