Legal Marketing: A Complete Guide 2019


If you’re trying to build your law practice, it’s important to have a marketing strategy that works. With a proper plan in place, you can find and attract new clients and help grow your business immensely. That being said, it can be difficult to figure out the best place to start your legal marketing campaign. After all, your expertise is most likely in law and not marketing—a field which has its own processes and skills. The following concepts and ideologies from Nettra Media, a firm that specializes in attorney marketing, can help guide you in your quest for the perfect marketing approach.

Treat Clients Like Family 

You’ve probably heard before that it’s five times costlier to attract a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. That statistic gets to the heart of why nurturing your existing clients, as well as your past clients, is integral to any successful legal marketing campaign. Having a solid base of clients who can offer up testimonials and even refer you to new clients is one of the best ways to keep a steady stream of new clients coming. When you treat your clients like family, you’re able to reinforce your brand and values, too.

Create Trust 

Becoming a local expert is vital if you’re to make any headway in growing your law practice. Part of this involves investing in your community so that you can be seen as a positive local force. Take, for example, Brian Cummings, who has established himself as a local resource as an attorney in the Nashville area. Cummings Law isn’t trying to find medical malpractice cases outside of Tennessee to build business. Instead, Cummings’ goal is to form deep, local connections that underscore his commitment to the people of Nashville. 

Build an Online Presence 

Once you’ve created local trust you can really start to tap into that energy by getting out there online. If people don’t know about or find your business, your marketing is far less effective, so it’s important that you start connecting with past and potential clients online. Claiming your Google Business page, Yelp page, and creating a web presence on Facebook and other social media platforms can go a long way in establishing your practice as a leader in the field. It also gives you a new way to market to and engage with your audience, all with simple and powerful tools to help your business grow.

Resonate With Potential Clients 

After you’ve started to engage with your customers online, you can begin to harness what others are saying about your law practice in order to resonate with potential clients. This might include highlighting a positive quote from a past client review or creating a video that serves as a montage of customer testimonials. Whatever the medium, it’s crucial that you draw on the experiences of your clients to reach new ones and that customer satisfaction is high so that you have plenty to pull from. Studies show that consumers are far more likely to believe what others say about a business than what the business’ messaging is, and using testimonials is a way to incorporate that information into your marketing practices.

Target New Clients

When the above steps have all been taken, you can finally start targeting new clients. Consider which marketing channels are most likely to work with your area of expertise. The classic example when it comes to more passive channels like bus ads or billboards is to find a route that goes near a hospital if you handle medical malpractice suits. Similarly, if you focus on prosecuting personal injury cases from automotive accidents, it can be beneficial to advertise near tow yards. In the world of digital marketing, you can reach potential customers by a wide range of demographics, including age and income level, which helps reinforce the messaging you’re buying through non-digital pathways.