Marketing Ideas for Trucking Companies

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The U.S. trucking industry employs over one million truck drivers nationwide and about 5 million more supporting staff. With these statistics, one can’t deny how lucrative the sector is. However, for many trucking businesses, the journey to consistent growth is easier said than done due to the huge competition within the industry. Companies that prioritize their marketing efforts—by trying innovative solutions to earn optimum visibility among fleet managers, contractors, and other stakeholders—can generate significant value for growth. Check out these marketing ideas for trucking companies to help you with yours.

Make use of signposts.


Marketing takes center stage for small businesses looking to become industry giants. The best way for trucking company owners to improve their marketing functions is to first understand their unique needs and then match them with a suitable marketing strategy. The use of signages is one such strategy that can have varying implications for your marketing results. However, it helps to use the right installation experts for your sign projects.

Local installation specialists who understand your business’s unique brand have a better chance of determining the right place to erect your signpost. In the digital world today, a quick Google search might be all you need in accessing the best signage solutions in a particular area. For instance, you can search for “Dallas sign companies” if you want to employ the best sign companies in the heart of Dallas.

These companies often have graphics experts who can use your company’s unique brand elements like lettering, logo, etc., by creating the perfect sign that works for your trucking company. The more your posts resonate with your target market, the better your chances of gaining more brand awareness and visibility.

Use social media.

Marketing messages grow complex by the day, mirroring the evolution of today’s customers who have endless expectations. For instance, a potential customer that wants to hire your truck company may want to see more than your large fleet. Some will request that you have owner operator insurance and other legal requirements. In such cases, it helps to get the best insurance for truck companies from an insurance company that has various competitive rates to choose from.

It’s a given you may change your auto policy as you incrementally receive progressive offers from your commercial truck insurance company. Therefore, using social media to communicate these changes and their implications for your marketing bids can be the best way to go. Generally, social media presents more opportunities than many traditional means today. However, it pays to choose social media contractors who subscribe to the highest standards. Beyond capability, considering the years of experience and success stories can be a good idea in hiring your company.

Create a responsive website.

About 70 to 80 percent of modern customers research a company before patronizing its products or services. For this reason, creating a website for your trucking business can increase the perceived credibility and quality among potential and existing customers. Consistently publishing on your website is vital for ramping your marketing numbers up and marketing experts also recommend businesses be visual in serving content on their websites. Statistics show that small businesses that embed a video on their website are 53 times more likely to achieve their marketing goals than others.

Increase visibility with SEO.


Generally, customers are more likely to trust businesses that appear on the first page, and about 95 percent of shoppers never even make it to the second page after searching online. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is vital. It has become a go-to for modern businesses seeking improved marketing results and about 40 percent of small businesses use search engine optimization (SEO) for higher search engine rankings. Furthermore, close to 70 percent of digital marketers worldwide think SEO is a more effective way for online growth.

All in all, trucking businesses can enjoy the best marketing results by mixing digital and traditional strategies based on their business needs. However, sticking to a one-way marketing approach may churn minimal results.