Need a Beautiful Necklace for Her? Read This Guide!

a woman with a tattoo on her arm

Shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry can, at times, be daunting. Whether your loved one is into sterling silver, white gold, or gemstones, there are easy tips to keep in mind when browsing department stores or flashy websites. With the winter months and holidays right around the corner, it is essential that you find the perfect pendant to match any special occasion. Throughout the years, jewelry has been the go-to gift for many men, with a majority of women putting a necklace down on their holiday wish lists. Continue reading below for some helpful advice when it comes to shopping for a beautiful necklace.

Know Your Necklaces

When looking for a necklace for her, it is assumed you are not an experienced jewelry buyer, but it is always good to know a few tricks of the trade before committing. It is important to understand the differences whether you have your heart set on a strand of cultured pearls or a dainty chain initial charm like Meghan Markle’s. While most necklace styles are self-explanatory, there are some that may need a little refreshing.

A statement necklace is usually a piece with large stones, and it hangs mid-length. A rose gold necklace designed for layering is another great gift option, as it is long and thin. If you are in the market to buy more than one look for the young women in your life, make sure you choose varying lengths.

Know Her Style

Not every woman will feel the same about a necklace. While your mom may love a yellow gold necklace, your best friend may not. It is essential to take into consideration the recipient’s style. Does your loved one like to be flashy or minimalistic? Does she enjoy color or matted neutrals? All these questions will help you quickly narrow down your options.

If you are struggling to figure out what exactly her style is, just take a look at some of her daily outfits. Take a mental note of whether or not she seems to dress more formally or casually. A women’s necklace should always emulate her personal style, so try your best to keep a keen eye out.

Be Brave

While looking for women’s necklaces, it may be fun to try a trend on for size. Taking the time to look for a necklace that has popped up on the latest runways will show you really cared about searching for the perfect accessory. It is also wise to make a note of what jewelry pieces she already has, as you wouldn’t want to buy a duplicate.

Sterling silver is currently in, while the trusted yellow gold option has been pushed to the side. This new trend is in part due to the price of gold going up. If you want to buy silver accessories, try to find products marked 92.5 percent, as this will also be a safe bet if your loved one is allergic to certain metals.

Precious stones are also in this holiday season, as gems rarely go out of style. You want to look out for three categories when looking at stones: natural, synthetic, and imitation. If you are looking to splurge this winter season, you will want to take a look at natural gemstone necklaces.

Whatever you choose, the woman in your life is bound to love the sentiment behind the gift. Whether you go down the route of an old classic or decide to gift a new daily basic, with these tips in hand, you won’t be lost when it comes time to pull the trigger and make the decision on women’s necklaces.