Post COVID Ideas to Make Staying Home Sexy Again

a plant growing in a fence

You’ve tried all the quarantine favorites: making bread from scratch, movie marathon-ing, and zooming all of your friends and family. Repeatedly. You’ve been knitting, video gaming, and learning to cook salmon in forty different ways. You’ve re-watched YouTube videos from your past, do a full listen-through of eighteen classic rock albums, and you even downloaded Reddit for a confusing (albeit entertaining) week. How is it possible that you’re still stuck at home? How is anyone going to make it through the next six months?

Heading into winter seems like a daunting task, but it will be alright. There is still plenty more bread to bake and plenty more books to devour. Here are a few ideas to make staying at home sexy again. And yes, we mean that literally.

Develop your green thumb.


Spruce up your living space with live plants, delivered right to your door. Plant some succulents if you want foliage you can forget about for a month at a time. Try a peacock plant for a gorgeous purple and green houseplant that thrives in moderate light and high humidity. The Calathea family of houseplants is non-toxic to pets, so they’re a great group to look at if you already have fur babies at home.

You’ll know that your plant doesn’t like its environment if it starts to droop or develop brown spots. At this point, troubleshoot. Does it need direct light? Perhaps try moving the humidifier. If there’s excess water in the pot, put a pebble tray in the bottom to prevent root rot. It’s a hobby as much as it is a decoration, so give yourself permission to try and fail before you get it just right. Then be patient and watch your babies grow up.

Get busy.


The weather is getting colder, but there’s no reason that should apply to the bedroom. What if the best way to kick your sex drive into overdrive was as easy as taking a pill? Sexual performance-boosting supplements are here to make erectile dysfunction a thing of the past. Male enhancement supplements boost sexual performance by up to 70%, using natural ingredients to make erections harder, longer, and more satisfying.

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There’s a certain nostalgia that accompanies waking up at 6 am, slathering on makeup before your eyes are fully open, and throwing on your most un-pajamalike business attire to keep yourself from falling back asleep. Those were the days, weren’t they? Even though you’re still working from home, you don’t need to wear loungewear all day, every day. Dress up for yourself.

Here is a new hobby to go along with your renewed love of starched collars: making polymer clay earrings. All you need is the clay, some earring backings, and jump rings if you want to get creative. Mold the clay into whatever shapes tickle your fancy, bake them in the oven, and glue the backs on. Voila! You’ve got yourself a new custom-made accessory to show off in your next Zoom meeting.

Winter will come, and winter will go. Although you may feel like you’ve had all the fun you can have indoors, there are always more options! Stay positive, and stay sexy. You’ll make it.