Spring Fashion Tips for the Workplace

Spring Fashion

Now that spring is officially in full swing, countless people are looking forward to changing up their wardrobe and showing off their new pieces of clothing. Unfortunately, this transition isn’t always easy; between the comfortability of cozy sweaters and scarves, making the style change into spring can bring a few challenges. This is especially true in northern climates where freezing temperatures in the morning will gradually shift to warmer afternoon temperatures.

If you’re looking for fashion tips, you’ve come to the right place. After all, your spring hinges on feeling comfortable and looking great. Here are some of the top spring fashion tips you should consider when you’re looking to improve your closet:

Invest in a bold suit.


Women and men alike can struggle to show off their personality in an office environment. But investing in a quality bold suit can be a closet staple when you want to look put-together for minimal effort.

After all, bold suits can be dressed up or down with any staples in your closet. Look for fun colors with plenty of patterns that make you feel confident in the workplace. A black blouse or white undershirt will go with just about any kind of bold power suit, ensuring that you don’t travel too far outside of your comfort zone. You can even invest in a black blouse with short sleeves to help ensure that you don’t get too hot throughout the day. Wearing a great suit will help you dress in layers, which is perfect for spring; as soon as you get too hot, you can simply take off the blazer to sport stylish linen clothing shirts underneath. If a spring day is particularly cold, wearing long sleeves beneath your blazer can help you stay warmer throughout the day, too.

Above all else, make sure to invest in a suit that fits you well, even if you’re going for a trendy oversized style. The menswear-meets-womenswear has been a growing trend for a while, but there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in a new outfit. There’s no shame in taking your clothing to a tailor for the right adjustments if that’s what is going to help make you feel more confident.

Color coordinate your outfits.


Spring is a wonderful time of year because it inspires people to get creative with their wardrobe. There are tons of new arrivals sporting floral designs with free shipping. If you’re tempted to invest in a few new pieces, however, be sure to buy clothing that matches your current accessories.

For example, matching your blouse or jacket to your reading glasses is a simple style tip that will always be in style. Not only does it bring out the cool colors and patterns in your glasses, but it also makes your outfit pop with minimal effort. If you have invested in new reading glasses from NJGlasses, now is the perfect time to get blouses and accessories that will help make them pop. If you’re a fan of makeup, adding subtle hints of color that match your glasses is another great way to indulge in the color coordination themes that pop up each spring. This goes double if you’re investing in new sunglasses for these brighter spring mornings.

Don’t be afraid of sweaters.


We are all eager to invest in tank tops and short sleeve linen clothing now that spring has arrived, but cold days might put our fashion goals on the backburner. If you’re worried about getting chilly at work, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t bring a sweater with you.

Sweaters are particularly great for spring since they allow you to layer. Simply wear a black blouse beneath your fashionable sweater for an entirely new look halfway through the day. Few people will even realize that you’re wearing a stylish blouse since sweaters give you more room in the waist. But the real beauty of a great sweater comes with its ability to match any bottoms your wearing. A chunky sweater looks great with a vegan leather skirt and dress pants alike. Opt for a thinner sweater option on your favorite site’s new arrivals section to pad your closet with light sweaters that work well in hotter weather.

Making the transition from winter weather to spring’s warmth can be hard, even if you already have the staple black blouses lining your closet. If you’re stuck trying to have a more fashionable spring, rely on these tips to slay all day.