The Best Bachelorette Destinations in the United States

Bachelorette Destinations

When you’re getting married, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most fun decisions is where you will have your bachelorette party. Whether you’re the maid of honor planning the party or the bride looking for some inspiration, here are a few places and some helpful tips.

Los Angeles, California

There are plenty of ways to celebrate your upcoming wedding in sunny LA. Head to Malibu Wines at Santa Monica Mountains, or take a weekend trip to Napa Valley (a little further away, but worth it). If you’ve never been to LA before, you might want to do a tour of Hollywood with your gal pals before hitting LA’s best clubs. LA is a huge city that has everything you might need for a bachelorette party, no matter what you’re interests are.


Of course, a bachelorette party is typically associated with drinking copious amounts of alcohol. If you’re inviting a friend who’s newly committed to sobriety, you might want to know where the nearest alcohol rehab in Los Angeles is. If you need to, you and your friends can head to CAST Centers at 630 N Doheny Dr. West Hollywood, CA 90069 or call (323) 457-8208 for help. Be aware of the needs of everyone invited to your bachelorette party and don’t let anyone’s mental health suffer for your sake.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City is a popular bachelorette destination. Here you can let loose and have a blast celebrating with your friends, and it’s easy to plan the perfect party. You can attend one of Vegas’s incredible shows or hit an amazing club. Obviously, you have to play the slots while you’re there, so block out a large amount of time for that. Vegas is a fun city with amazing food and fantastic things to do, so it’s a perfect bachelorette destination.


An important tip for any bachelorette party: set up transportation! You can use a reliable limo service like Orlando Airport Limousine to travel in style. Renting a limo helps your party feel high-end and exciting, and it gives you a safe way to get around. No one has to worry about being the sober driver, and it’s way more fun than driving your friend’s minivan.

Nashville, Tennessee

If the bride is a country music fan, Nashville is the perfect destination. The Music City has beautiful hotel spots for you to stay in and plenty to do. The food in Nashville is to die for (hot chicken is a must, and there are plenty of upscale restaurants for a nicer meal). There are tons of amazing bars, including Geist (a 118-year-old former blacksmith shop) and Tootsies (a Nashville legend). Nashville has everything you need for the perfect bachelorette party: great food, excellent music, fun dancing, and an awesome time.


When you’re planning a bachelorette party, make sure you really consider how much it will cost. Think about every expense: the hotel, food, drinks, fun outfits for the bride and bridesmaids, and the price of additional activities. It can add up, so before you start planning, make sure you know what everyone attending is willing to spend. The bride is usually paid for by the bridesmaids, so you’ll need to factor her cost into what each bridesmaid can afford. Handle all the planning and expenses before you get to the trip. No one wants to talk about money during a bachelorette party, especially if they’re a few drinks in.

A bachelorette party should be an experience you never forget. Pick an amazing spot and plan it to the letter. Everyone will talk about it for years to come.