The Best Home Maintenance Checklist Before Selling

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Many homeowners sell their homes for different reasons and selling a home often involves a lot of maintenance efforts to up your house’s market value. However, first-time sellers may not have the vital information at hand, hence why we’ve created this guide to help you create a home maintenance checklist before selling.

1. Get the needed help first.


The decision to leave your first home doesn’t come easy. It requires a whole lot of actions you might not be ready for, including dealing with an unprofessional real estate agent. One of the perks in dealing with a real estate professional is the ability to determine what maintenance work needs doing so you can prepare adequately.

One example of such professionals includes the Joe Dickerson Group. With years of experience under their belt, the Joe Dickerson Group can guarantee what your real estate needs to make a good sale. Beyond that, they can make the entire process more manageable. After sealing the deal, the group’s real estate team can also help with new listings for another home purchase.

2. Repair minor electrical faults and replace non-functional appliances.

One of the first places to look in getting your house ready for the real estate market is your electric system. Many homes have several appliances, which take a lot of time until they start showing several dysfunctional symptoms like inconvenient breakdowns. A typical example is an HVAC system.

With routine maintenance performed on your HVAC, the separate units can fire on all cylinders for close to a decade. Regular maintenance saves you from costly repairs when you need to get your home ready for a new owner. Beyond the peak efficiency gains, HVAC maintenance can also be a great way to ensure air quality and prevent respiratory issues. You can enlist HVAC professionals to change air filters and rid ductworks of any clogs.

If you have started experiencing periodic hikes in your energy bill, replacing other appliances might be the best option. That’s where your warranty can come in handy. You can also ask a trained HVAC technician to make some thermostats and other home technology recommendations that’ll help you save some money.

3. Revamp your garden and exterior.


Gardens can impact a house’s attractiveness and market value significantly. They can also be essential maintenance areas to consider before selling. Assess the state of your garden. If the plants have withered due to poor weather and inconsistent care, you can sow new seeds. Even though that might depend on how much residency time is left, new owners will always appreciate new beginnings. You can also consider trimming lawns and ensuring your lawns and walkways stand out

4. Deep-clean rooms, roofs, and floors.

DIY cleaning isn’t a bad way to maintain your home. But if you’re planning to sell, using a professional cleaner for a deep clean is a better option to bring your home back to its former glory. Instead of merely scrubbing floors, some deep cleaning companies use a boiler. With the heat from hot water and pressure from the machine, they can rid your floors of mold, debris, and other permanent stains. This same strategy can work using a blower motor in cleaning vents, sofas, etc.

5. Add some color to your home.

Now you have clarity about the specific needs you desire from your house sale. All appliances are in top shape. Roof leaks have been fixed with floors and room glistering. What’s next? A little color. Spicing up your walls with a little color might help. However, if you’d rather keep a neutral minimalist them, adding some color to your upholstery might be a better option.