Tips for Choosing an Edwardsville Personal Injury Lawyer

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Accidents occur daily, affecting millions of people each year. Some accidents are minor, while others produce severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spinal cord injuries (SCIs).

Suppose you’re one of the 35 million injury victims requiring emergency room treatment this year. Whether you were injured on another person’s property or hurt in a car accident, you may sue the party that caused your accident. Hiring a personal injury attorney is crucial if you want to pursue legal action. Let’s look at some tips for choosing a personal injury attorney in Edwardsville, what these lawyers do, and the benefits of hiring an attorney to handle your injury case.

You can use these tips to hire a personal injury attorney in Edwardsville.


Check the law firm’s website to verify their practice areas. When hiring an Edwardsville personal injury lawyer, you want to ensure you contact an attorney with years of experience handling relevant cases. Injury law firms can handle cases involving medical malpractice, birth injuries, car accidents, defective products, dog bites, and public transportation accidents. Working with a law firm experienced with your case types ensures they can handle your case effectively and efficiently.

Find an attorney practicing where your injury occurred because lawyers are licensed by their state. Consequently, if you live in Tennessee but were in a car accident in Illinois, you’ll need an attorney from Illinois to handle your legal matters.

You can locate the names of local personal injury lawyers through a Google search or ask people who’ve pursued a personal injury case for referrals. You can also refer to articles about injury case trials to learn which legal team handled the case.

What do personal injury attorneys do?


You’ll receive a free consultation when you call an attorney. Once you hire a law firm, your lawyer’s legal team investigates the accident. They may interview witnesses, gather medical documents, and consult experts who can testify about your injuries and how those injuries have impacted your qualify of life.

Your legal team prepares paperwork and files your case before the statute of limitations expires. They’ll ensure the defendant’s served copies of all filings. Your lawyer attends pretrial hearings and settlement conferences. Your attorney outlines all legal options and settlement offers, enabling you to determine whether to settle out of court or take your case to trial.

How will you benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle your lawsuit?


You may face financial hardships because of the medical expenses stemming from your injuries. Accident victims may need physical therapy, occupational therapy, surgery, and counseling. Your legal team fights to ensure you receive compensation for costs stemming from your accident, such as medical bills, property replacement costs, and compensation for pain and suffering. Some accident victims incur additional expenses if they can’t return to their careers because of their injuries. In that case, they may need compensation for retaining costs. Your lawyer will evaluate your situation to determine how much money to seek from the defendant when filing your lawsuit.

Your attorney can also help you file claims for disability benefits. Your lawyer may also identify other defendants who can be held liable for your injuries. For example, suppose you’re driving home, and a commercial vehicle fails to stop at a red light and strikes your vehicle. Suing the at-fault driver is an option. However, suppose your attorney discovers the company that owns the vehicle has a history of maintenance issues causing the brakes to fail. In that case, you may have legal grounds to sue the company.

Hiring an injury attorney ensures you have effective legal counsel from a licensed attorney. Hire an attorney with experience handling similar cases. Your attorney will prepare your case and pursue appropriate compensation for your injuries and other costs stemming from your accident.