Tips for Finding Free or Low-Cost Pallets

Forklift Lifting Pallets

Pallets can be extremely useful for many reasons for both homeowners and small business owners. They can be used to store items off the ground to keep them safe and damage-free. They can be used to move large quantities or bulky items with a forklift easily. They can also be used for shipping large items safely and securely.

With the current DIY movement, thanks to websites like Pinterest, many people are looking for pallets to reuse for home projects, furniture, and art. The point of the DIY projects is to make something unusual for a low price, so finding pallets free or cheap is part of the allure. It also makes it easier for people to try new things without worrying about wasting a lot of money on supplies.

For someone who has never looked into pallets before, you may have no idea where to even look for free or low-cost pallets. You can always start by asking friends and family. If you are only looking for one, you may know someone that has a pallet in the garage or shed they don’t want or need anymore. If you don’t know anyone, or you need more than one pallet, you will need to find somewhere you can get a steady supply of pallets for free or cheap.

Here are a few ideas of where you can get free or cheap pallets.

Check with local businesses and shopping centers. 

When a business receives deliveries, they are often on pallets. While the business may be able to reuse many pallets, it is unlikely they will need all of them. The same is valid for shopping centers. If you contact small businesses or shopping centers, you can ask if they have any pallets they are looking to get rid of or will shortly. Some stores will even put their extra pallets outside with a sign indicating they are free. While you may feel like you are overstepping, they may be relieved to have a means of getting rid of pallets that won’t cost them anything. Stating that you are willing to come to get them will help.

Contact pallet recyclers and manufacturers. 

Some companies do nothing more than build pallets or repair and resell used pallets. While they are not going to be giving pallets away for free, you may be able to buy some at an excellent price. The pallet recycling company will probably have the best deals for purchasing inexpensive pallets since they are already working with used products. You may need to do some research to see if you have a recycler or manufacturer in your area.

Talk to distribution centers. 

Another place to ask for free or low-cost pallets is a distribution center. Similarly to businesses and shopping centers, they use pallets for storing, shipping, and receiving. A distribution center is more likely to reuse many of their pallets, but it is highly likely that they are going to end up with more than they need and will be willing to give some away. Even if they are unable to give them away for free, you can probably get them at a low price. Large warehouses that handle distribution or direct liquidation are going to be moving dozens if not more pallets a day.

Finding free or cheap pallets may be a challenge, but it is far from impossible. You need to be willing to call people up and ask for what you want. Let them know what you need the pallets for and how much you are willing to pay if they aren’t interested in giving them away for free.