Top Electricity Providers of 2020

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Choosing an energy company in Australia may not be an easy decision. You will need to weigh up the big names that you recognize versus the lesser-known brands when doing your research. You also need to look at factors like price, customer service, reliability, company size, and reach of services. Australia’s energy system is undergoing one of the largest transformations in decades. Because of this, energy companies in Australia are constantly offering new deals and discounts, so comparing plans periodically is worth it to see if there’s potential to save more money. If you’re interested in comparing electrical plans and pricing from various electricity providers in Australia, you should take a look around. Where you live determines how many choices you might have as there are more providers in some states and territories than in others. Here are the top ten energy companies in Australia for 2020 to help you make a decision.


Diamond Energy

Diamond Energy has very high customer service ratings. They boast that 100% of incoming calls are answered within 30 seconds. It’s also ranked as one of Australia’s greenest energy retailers. However, Diamond Energy does have one drawback in that they only offer electricity, not gas.


Powershop has also been named one of Australia’s greenest energy retailers. Like Diamond Energy, however, they only provide electricity service. Powershop is entirely online and can easily be managed through an app. They allow you to pay for your electricity by purchasing Powerpacks, which can save you money.


EnergyAustralia is one of the largest energy providers in Australia. They serve more than 1.7 million customers in the country. They boast high customer service ratings, with 93 percent of calls answered in 30 seconds. EnergyAustralia offers both electricity and gas options.


Offering both electricity and gas, AGL is another one of the biggest energy providers in Australia. Their customer service rating is 85 percent which is slightly lower than some others. AGL also has a rewards program for customers as well as offering services in five Australian states.

Origin Energy

Origin Energy has 4.2 million electricity customers across Australia. They are the country’s largest energy company. While its customer service ratings are lower than several other energy companies in Australia, they have reported the most improvement in that area. In addition, Origin Energy also offers both electricity and gas.

Click Energy

Like Powershop, Click Energy is an online company that offers some of the lowest rates to customers along with on-time payment discounts. They are one of the smaller energy companies in Australia and only offer electricity service. However, they do have a good customer service rating.

Alinta Energy

Alinta offers electricity and gas services to over one million Australians in five states. Their customers include households as well as businesses. Alinta offers various discounts on market contracts, however, they only apply to usage charges.

Simply Energy

Simply Energy is a younger company established in 2005 but has become one of Australia’s fastest-growing energy companies since its launch. They offer electrical services to customers in four Australian states and natural gas to customers in three states. They also offer competitive prices along with loyalty discounts for customers.

Aurora Energy

Aurora Energy is owned and operated by the Tasmanian government. It is the provider for 100 percent of Tasmanian electricity customers. Even though Aurora Energy also offers both electricity and natural gas, most Tasmanians don’t have access to gas services.

Tango Energy

Tango Energy is a Melbourne-based energy company, formerly known as Pacific Hydro and currently only offers energy to Victorians. However, they do have plans to expand to other states. Tango Energy offers low rates that are fixed for a minimum of twelve months. They also have multiple billing methods.

Energy In Australia


When comparing energy provider offers in Australia, you may not always be able to go with your first preference. As you can see from the list, various retailers operate in different areas. You also need to consider the type of energy you use. Electricity is typically available in most areas but natural gas may not always be accessible. Natural gas is mostly offered for electricity in South Australia and Western Australia.