Top Reasons to Invest in Office Building HVAC Quality

people working in an office

New business owners have so many outgoing costs that it’s easy to lose track of expenditure and sight of making money. Between rent, utilities, and supplies, the office’s functionality may not appear on the never-ending to-do list. Having a high-quality HVAC system running through the workplace should be near the top of the priorities list. In the same way that customer experience is paramount to the success of any business––particularly in brick-and-mortar stores––employee experience is just as fundamental if you want a good working team for your business.

Let’s look at some reasons to invest in building HVAC systems that are high quality for your office.

Problems With HVAC

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units are found in nearly all commercial and domestic properties in the United States, and for a good reason. The North American continent covers a lot of diverse areas, and the climate is as varied. Therefore, the cooler areas of Vermont will necessitate the need for more heating systems within a building. In contrast, the Sunshine State of Florida is more likely to need great air conditioners.

Office buildings are no exception when it comes to keeping the indoor air quality right for the people inside. Indoor air should be temperate (as in not too hot or cold) and relatively dry (the recommended humidity level is up to 60%). Because they cover a large surface area, the power that goes into the HVAC systems is significant. Add to that the fact that contact centers use a lot of power themselves, and generate lots of heat in the process, that your HVAC will be running a lot harder to compensate––especially in warmer parts of the U.S.

More systems will also mean more potential problems. To save money on purchasing and maintaining a furnace, heat pumps are often added to the air conditioning units to inject warmth into the airflow, as heat is not as big a requirement as cooling. This still requires constant maintenance, however, as clogged filters or dirty coils block the overall airflow and compromise the workflow of the vents, which can create hot and cold spots. Investing in strong HVAC systems for the office, with efficiency built into it as standard, is the best practice for small business owners looking to break the industry. It might be worth employing someone to act as a supervisor for these appliances to fix any problems the moment they arise.

Helping Workers From Home

With the outbreak of covid-19, you may have had to send your contact center staff home to work from there. Yet, as an employer, you are still as responsible for their efficiency and their well-being regardless of if the office is a huge commercial building or a living room in the suburbs. You also want to protect employees from Covid-19 as best you can.

To help maintain a strong workflow, there are software solutions for call centers that will guarantee success. With Salesforce Training, you’ll be sure to keep things simple but effective for those who have to work for home, and in turn, help them keep strong customer relationships going too. The best call center software also collects data for analytics, which you will access and use to plot the best trajectory for your business going forward.

With the best call center software taking care of the workspace, let’s see how you can help the workers.

Humidity and Covid

It has been proposed that humidity is linked to coronavirus spreading, and it’s easy to see why. Humidity is a breeding ground for viruses and harmful bacteria. It’s why mold appears in humid rooms, and dampness must be curtailed at first detection. It’s also the basis for constant HVAC