Useful Tech That’ll Improve Your Life

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Tech has a great way of making difficult things much, much easier. However, these days, it’s easy to take tech advancements like smartphones and wireless headsets for granted. Luckily, there are still some new tech options out there that can fire up that technology spark inside of you and improve your life in ways that you might not have ever considered.

Invest in a Massage Gun

Are you one of the millions of people that suffer from sore muscles after workouts? Soreness and chronic pain can really put a damper on your life and often, a foam roller just can’t do the trick. Plus, there are plenty of issues that come up when those sore muscles don’t get properly treated. You don’t need to go to a massage pro for your pain and soreness, though. Instead, you can invest in a massage gun.

Sadly, a massage gun isn’t a traditional gun that shoots out massages. What a massage gun does do, however, is just as good. Most massage guns use percussive therapy to tackle those sore muscles with ease. A percussion massager relies on soft tissue manipulation by applying pounds of force in the same way a massage therapist would. These percussion gadgets make it easy for you to tackle soreness and chronic pain without having to visit a massage therapist or percussion therapy pro.


One of the best massage guns on the market belongs to Theragun. The Theragun G3 Pro massage gun relies on vibration therapy to stimulate blood flow, reduce soreness, and aid muscle tissue recovery. Theragun products are handheld devices that offer different power settings, head attachments, and have a battery life that lasts for hours of use. The Theragun G3 Pro massage gun is so effective, however, that you won’t need hours of use for your muscle tissue to start feeling better. For muscle tissue pain and spasticity, vibration therapy from a percussive massage gun is often the best way to start feeling better. You can’t go wrong with a Theragun G3 massage gun so check out the list price and all the benefits that a percussion massager’s pounds of force can offer you.

Use Smart Home Technology

You don’t need to invest in a full smart home to get the advantage of smart home gadgets. Smart home automation with smart devices like Google Home can make your daily life that much simpler. Home automation with smart home products like a security camera or video doorbell can send you text messages and notifications through a mobile app when someone is spotted on your property. Other smart devices like the Google Home can use a simple voice command to activate the climate control in your home. A voice command can even help you answer phone calls or open an integrated garage door.

All you need to get started with home automation is a phone number and typically a mobile app. You may have to accept the use of cookies from certain home automation systems and sites. If you’re worried about the costs, look into ADT offers for a solid price on a security camera or video doorbell and check the Google Home site for offers on other helpful smart devices.


Whether you need Theragun’s relief after hectic workouts or you’re excited to control a security camera with voice commands, there are plenty of tech options available that are well worth your time and financial investment. Incorporating more technology into your life can make your day-to-day existence much easier and also help you on the road to better health and wellness. At the end of the day, is there anything that technology can’t do? The jury’s still out.