What Services Should You Offer in Your Salon?

a person with a hair clipper

Whether you’re just starting your own business or simply looking to make some updates, you want to make sure that your salon is a competitive standout. How can you continue to appeal to your existing clients and maybe even attract new ones? According to Forbes, a spirit of adventure is currently defining the beauty industry. In other words, consumers are looking to explore new places and products. Offering services that are innovative and products that are interesting and local will excite your clients and set you up for success. It might take some expansion or rebranding, but these services are sure to bring in paying customers.

Go back to the basics

It might seem obvious, but the first service you should focus on making superb is your cutting, coloring, and styling. Trends are changing every day, so if you’ve been in business for a while, consider bringing on a young professional to update your repertoire and techniques. Having a young stylist might also attract a younger crowd. Make sure you’re reading magazines and checking out the hottest celebrity styles of this moment. Staying up to date on the basics will put you a cut above the rest. In terms of styling, think about finding a way to offer a special service for brides and wedding parties, as the wedding industry is very lucrative. Find a foothold that could launch your business into a whole new chapter.

Accessorize your way to the top

Extensions and wigs are becoming more widely worn by all demographics of women. Young women especially love the diversity these accessories can add to their looks, so including a service at your salon that provides hair extensions will attract the younger generation. One of the best companies that will address all of your hair extension needs is called Insert Name Here. They not only offer typical hair extensions, but also clip-in bangs. Women don’t always like committing to a huge hairstyle change, and with clip-in bangs from Insert Name Here, your clients can transform into Zooey Deschanel whenever they want. This hairpiece is made of real Remy human hair and is ethically harvested. It comes in thirteen colors to fit everyone’s needs and can be easily dyed since it’s real hair. The bangs will need to be styled to match your client’s face shape, though, so that’s where you come into play. Help shape them to frame their face, they’ll appreciate your detailed eye.

Take care of hair almost everywhere

Everyone’s eyebrows need some maintenance every once in a while, and when people try to do it on their own, it can end up being a disaster. Save your clients from themselves by providing them with a facial hair removal service. Waxing is the most common service offered in salons. If you can offer waxing and threading, you’ll cover everyone’s preference.

Go for the glow

More and more often salons are offering facials and other skincare services in addition to their other services. Give your customers a radiant glow when they walk out of your salon. Their friends will be wondering what the secret is to their shine!

Equip yourself for success

When adding new services or updating your typical ones, you may find that you need a change of scenery. Get the equipment you need for all of your services and create an impressive environment your clients will want to come back to every time they need a trim. Not sure where to find your new furniture? Keller International specializes in salon furniture and all the tools you’ll need for the new services you offer. They can even hook you up with the equipment you’ll need for skincare, like a facial steamer and lamp. You’ll definitely find the furniture that speaks to the style of your business.