What to Pack for Short Business Trips

Short Business Trips

Packing for a short business trip can be trickier than it sounds. But a concise list of key items will help make travel easier and ensure that you have everything you need on the road. From essential clothing items to accessories, this quick list will help you make sure you’ve packed for ultimate short business travel success. If you pack smart and plan ahead, you might even have time on your trip to get some nature exploring in too.

Clothing Item Considerations



Functionality is key when it comes to deciding what clothing to pack for a trip. Bamboo shirts for travel are a great option to pack when heading out for a short business trip. In fact, due to their moisture resistance and easy wear, they are ideal for plane rides as well. Made of bamboo, these shirts come in a variety of styles that will work for business casual as well as exploring during your travels. Anti-wrinkle and breathable, these shirts are super comfortable fresh out of the suitcase and won’t cause you to sweat.

While packing those bamboo fabric shirts, be sure to throw in your best pair of business appropriate linen pants or a merino wool blazer. Depending on your destination, you want to be sure you have options for layering whether in the conference room or out on the town. When planning for a short work trip, consider outfits for both night and day as well as the travel itself.



A solid, quality leather duffle bag is always a great idea when going on and planning for a short business trip. Leather duffle bags come in many shapes and sizes and can be preferable to other styles of lightweight garments or polyester bags. On top of their classic look, leather duffle bags will keep you in a professional mood throughout your travels and distinguish you as a business professional.

When choosing a leather bag for your trip, be sure to find one with plenty of room. Look for side pockets and shoulder straps to help with organization as well as for navigating airports and car rental facilities. Side pockets with zippers will be helpful in keeping your valuables out of sight but close at hand. Some bags come with a special section for your laptop too.

While considering accessories, take into consideration how much time you will be traveling. You don’t want to forget entertainment and work items that will keep you busy during your travels. From tablets to earbuds, be sure to bring enough to make the trip enjoyable. Don’t forget those extra chargers and battery packs either.

Personal Items


Now that you have the perfect, roomy bag picked out and filled with clothing and accessories, don’t forget to pack those personal hygiene items that you won’t find at the hotel. Deodorant, toothpaste, and a favorite sleeping pillow are just a few things that will make you feel more at home during travel. While complimentary soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are nice in the event of lost luggage, it’s always better to have your favorite products with you as well. Remember to either call ahead and see what the hotel will include or pack things like hairdryers, irons, and other items you may need just in case.

Now that you have everything packed, think about ways you can enjoy your trip too. Doing some packing ahead of time might give you the opportunity to seek out a new place or nature spot that you can travel to. While your goal is to successfully navigate the work trip, there’s no harm in finding ways to have a little fun too. Search for your own bucket list of places to visit during empty hours on your trip and you can return home with memories as well as a pretty paycheck.