What Your Gift-Giving Says About You

a group of presents

We all have that aunt famous for fruitcake or that grandmother who always knows just what to get. Whether you’re the uncle who only gifts gift cards or someone who likes to put more thought into gift-giving, the gifts you give say a lot about you. If you’re curious about what your gift-giving style says about you, read on.

The Practical Giver


You’re practical. You’re the person who shows up with Swell No More for your loved one who often complains of joint pain. You are a fantastic listener who loves to help people and solve problems. Whether it’s the answer for how to get rid of puffiness under the eye or ankle inflammation, you’re the one people turn to when edema sets in or a home remedy are needed.

Whether you’re filling medicine cabinets, making up lists of home remedies, or the person to buy the pots and pans set for the college kid moving away from home for the first time, people can count on you to give the practical gift they didn’t even know they needed but will use over and over again.

The Eclectic Giver


You buy by the mood. You could give anything from canvas prints that remind you of the recipient to a scrapbook filled with favorite memories. Unafraid to take a risk, you love surprising people and may even like being on the receiving end too. People count on your gifts to be original. You buy simply on instinct, and that’s that. Known for the most original and fun gifts, people look forward to receiving presents from you.

The Thoughtful Giver


You put days of thought into the perfect gift. You plan and love either homemade gifts or presents you can customize. People know of your thoughtfulness as it shows up in other ways too. The first to go without or to check up on family or friends in crisis or when they’re sick, you’re a natural caregiver who pays attention to the people you love.

You’re likely the person people turn to when they can’t remember a loved one’s birthday or aren’t sure about an anniversary date. Sentimental and often sensitive, you put love and your whole heart into your relationships. This reflects in your gift-giving too, and because of it, people most often treasure the gifts they get from you.

The Simple Giver


In one way, you’re practical. You believe that people know what they want more than anyone else. You believe in the freedom of the individual, and your gifts reflect this. While some might think you’re lazy with the cash or gift card gift, most of your recipients count on you to be the one gift giver who will provide more options after everything’s unwrapped. That is, they know your gift will give them room to buy that one item they wanted but didn’t get. For this reason, they secretly look forward to that tiny envelope you’ll hand them at the door.

You likely like receiving gifts this simple. For you, gift-giving might feel awkward. Either you aren’t sure what to buy someone else, don’t have the time, or don’t know how to react when someone gives a gift to you. To you, it likely doesn’t matter. Ever practical, you’re just glad to be able to give a gift you know your recipient will use.

In the end, there is no right or wrong way to give a gift. The best way to go is the way you feel most comfortable with. Odds are, the recipient on your list already knows you well enough to have a hint of the type of gift you’ll give. Run with it and give yourself the gift of giving without regret and staying true to yourself. Nothing is more awkward than a forced gift. Making choices that feel natural to you takes the complications out of it, and no gift is ever as special as the time your loved one can spend with you.