With These Helpful Tips, Moving for College Might Be Easier Than You Think

Helpful Tips

Going away to college is often the first time you’re venturing out into the world on your own. This can be such an exciting time in your life. You’re getting ready to make new friends, pursue an exciting career, and live on your own. Whether you’re moving into a dorm room or an apartment, getting all your stuff to college may be one of the trickier steps to start your higher education. Move-in day is exciting, but it can also be a bit of a hassle. That is why we’re here to help with some convenient tips and tricks to make moving day a breeze.

From packing before you arrive to connecting with your roommates, moving into college doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. You’ve put in all this work to get into your dream school, so actually getting there is the fun part. Ask for help or hire people to make your move as easy as possible. Remember, college is going to be the time of your life, so get creative and have fun as you’re deciding what stuff to move in. Here are a few other tips to get you started on your college journey with the best move-in day.

First find, apply to, and accept your spot at your dream school.

Before you can focus on moving in, you need to get that acceptance letter first. The application process can be intimidating, but with the right tools, it can be a breeze. If you’re looking to apply, consult a counselor or the internet for things like program descriptions, test score requirements, and college application deadlines due for fall 2021. Once you’ve applied, you wait for that call or an email confirming you got in! After that, all there’s left to do is say “yes!” The school will then contact you about your next steps like orientation, setting up your schedule, and where you’ll be going on move-in day.

Don’t move alone, hire a great team.

You don’t have to move alone. In fact, it can be incredibly helpful to hire a team of movers that will help you get situated for your big day. Rely on great movers in your area and near your university to help you get situated. For example, the top moving company in Rockville, MD, can be a great choice to get you set up in your dorm room at Georgetown. By taking extra care and due diligence with your precious items, you know you can trust a specialty moving company with years of experience. Get a free estimate to see what your moving costs will ultimately be for a local move or something across the country. You can also look into storage facility options if you don’t think all your stuff is going to fit in your smaller dorm room. With a great team and quality service behind you, you’ll be ready to go for the first day of school.

Organize everything as you pack it.

There is one thing your moving company can’t always do for you: pack your stuff. One of the best practices for packing is to keep everything very organized. Clothes go in one box, while school supplies are in another, while your toiletries are in a different bag, and so on and so forth. The more organized you can be with your possessions upfront, the better off you’ll be when you get there.

Connect and plan with your roommate.

Chances are you aren’t moving into space alone. If you have a roommate, it’s beneficial to reach out to them before your move. This way, you can coordinate certain shared items to bring. Bigger items like a couch or rug can be one person’s responsibility rather than bringing two of everything that may not fit.