Understanding Sex and Depression: Can Sex Dolls Help?

Man Holding Sad Face in Front of Him

Depression is a complex mental illness that can affect aspects of your life in unexpected ways. One of the least considered aspects of this common illness is its impact on an individual’s sex drive.

More often than not, a person suffering from clinical depression, also known as major depressive disorder, will experience trouble when it comes to having sex. This can take the form of low sex drive, impotence, or even the elimination of the ability to orgasm at all. 

Unfortunately, the two issues often go hand-in-hand. While some people suffering from depression will have a low sex drive due to stress and thoughts of negativity, sometimes a low sex drive can manifest itself in depression-like symptoms. Here’s what you should know about sex, depression, and whether or not sex dolls can help. 

Understanding sex and the brain

Many people think of sex as an act that occurs below the waist. But just like all sensation in the body, any feelings of arousal have to pass through the brain before they impact your sexual organs. That means that every touch needs to pass through a complex web of neurotransmitters before your body realizes it as sexual in nature. 

In fact, sexual desire actually starts in the brain. Once your mind realizes that it’s time for sex, a number of signals are sent out. These signals can send blood to the right places, elevate your heart rate, and trigger other bodily reactions that prepare the body for sex. While sex might seem like a purely physical act for some, it is intrinsically tied to the brain. 

What’s the link between depression and low sex drive?

Because sex is tied to the brain, throwing in a mental illness like depression will undoubtedly shake it up. This is primarily because the circuits transmitting signals simply aren’t working appropriately. Registering sexual desire or even happiness, can seem impossible for some.  

Depression and many other mood disorders can impact multiple facets of your sexual life. On a physiological level, this can range from low sex drive to lowered sexual confidence to the inability to maintain an erection. It’s important to keep in mind that these symptoms may differ from person to person. Depending on the mental illness in question, it might even lead to heightened sexual desire. 

However, depression can be an all-encompassing illness. Even if you feel sexual desire, the depression can act as a filter on other areas of your life. Depressed people may lose interest in their partner during a particularly bad bout of depression but still want to achieve sexual gratification in other ways. Depression is also linked to lethargy, making it impossible to engage in sexual acts even if you wanted to. Worse yet, sometimes antidepressants and other medications can lower sex drive while improving the depressed person’s mood in other ways. When this starts to impact your relationships, it’s definitely worth talking to your doctor or psychiatrist about other options. 

How can sex dolls help improve depression? 

One of the major components of depression is lowered sexual self-esteem. Clinical psychologist, Christine Manley, knows how the ramifications of depression can impact sexual health. 

“Issues with self-esteem are the hallmark of depression,” she explains. “The core diagnostic criteria of depression is chronic and pervasive feelings of worthlessness. So if that’s the foundation you’re coming from with a depressive episode, your self-esteem is going to be in the toilet, and that’s going to affect every major area of your life, including your sex life.”


Sex dolls are one of the best ways to improve your sexual confidence. After all, many people suffering from depression might find themselves struggling to maintain or even start a relationship with others out of fear of criticization. California Dolls are a great way to get back into the motions of sex from a completely non-judgemental party. 
Breaking that barrier of sexual nervousness with the help of a sex doll can be a wonderful way to boost sexual self-esteem. Having sex with the doll can also boost feel-good endorphins that keep symptoms of depression at bay. When you’re willing to take the first step toward sexual healing, everything that comes after will provide a positive feedback loop. This can improve your ideas of sex, boost your confidence, and give you the power you need to enjoy sex again.


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