Nicole Edwards

Senior Staff Editor

How to Self-Isolate Without Going Insane Amid COVID-19

The first few days of self-isolation at home may seem fun and relaxing, but before long restlessness and boredom will kick in. Prepare for the coming days with these tips on how to self-isolate without going insane amid COVID-19. Stay Structured Time may feel endless now, but self-isolation shouldn’t be treated as a time to

Everything You Should Know About Working in a Cleanroom

Plastic is a widely used material that has significant relevance in society. Its versatility allows it to produce and comprise many everyday goods that people use for safety purposes, entertainment, and more. Manufacturers use plastic to create baby and child safety car seats, airbags in vehicles, bicycle helmets, and other essential protective items. Televisions, computers, phones,

3 Reasons Why a Home Warranty Is Worth the Cost

New home buyers and sellers sometimes tend to think they don’t need a home warranty. While there are some exclusions, typically a home warranty is one of the best ways to guarantee your peace of mind. Unlike renters, any home repairs and emergency claims fall on your plate, and homeowners who aren’t prepared could find

Keys to Becoming an Effective Leader in the Workplace

Whether you’re the founding CEO or the Director of Marketing and Communications, it’s important to be able to lead effectively. Leadership skills are crucial to success, regardless of how big or how small your team is. A good leader ensures that everyone remains calm, focused, and passionate about the task at hand, while a bad

The Big Life Events that Therapy Can Help You Through

Everyone can benefit from therapy, but there are several key points in your life when working with a psychologist can be a huge help. During stressful events, you might feel lost, depressed, or angry. A mental health professional can help you work through these emotions and meet your specific needs. Here are the most stressful

What Services Should You Offer in Your Salon?

Whether you’re just starting your own business or simply looking to make some updates, you want to make sure that your salon is a competitive standout. How can you continue to appeal to your existing clients and maybe even attract new ones? According to Forbes, a spirit of adventure is currently defining the beauty industry. In

Innovative Ways to Grow Your Restaurant Business

The restaurant industry is a cutthroat world. There is stiff competition among restaurants catering to all different tastes in every city across the country. While it is an urban legend that over 90 percent of restaurant businesses fail in the first year, the precarious nature of the food industry does see closure rates of around 80% within five. This

6 Business Ideas for Retired Veterans

As a veteran, you are uniquely ready to become an entrepreneur. You understand the importance of sacrifice, dedication, and leadership skills better than most, and it takes all of those to run a successful company. It can be challenging to adjust to civilian life, but that’s all the more reason to do it on your

The No. 1 Reason Why Men Should Care About Their Skin

Skincare is actively promoted for women as part of their beauty regime, but not so much for men. There is often a mindset that men who put too much effort into their looks are feminine or “not manly.” However, skincare is essential for all adults, regardless of gender. Skin is the largest organ, and the

Should I Prep My Car Before Handing It Over to a Dealer?

Selling a car isn’t always as easy as finding a buyer and getting handed a check. There are a lot of important steps to take before you even start to look for potential buyers. So if you want to ensure you’ll get the best price possible for your car, you need to prep your vehicle