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Keys to Becoming an Effective Leader in the Workplace

Whether you’re the founding CEO or the Director of Marketing and Communications, it’s important to be able to lead effectively. Leadership skills are crucial to success, regardless of how big or how small your team is. A good leader ensures that everyone remains calm, focused, and passionate about the task at hand, while a bad

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What Services Should You Offer in Your Salon?

Whether you’re just starting your own business or simply looking to make some updates, you want to make sure that your salon is a competitive standout. How can you continue to appeal to your existing clients and maybe even attract new ones? According to Forbes, a spirit of adventure is currently defining the beauty industry. In

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Innovative Ways to Grow Your Restaurant Business

The restaurant industry is a cutthroat world. There is stiff competition among restaurants catering to all different tastes in every city across the country. While it is an urban legend that over 90 percent of restaurant businesses fail in the first year, the precarious nature of the food industry does see closure rates of around 80% within five. This

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6 Business Ideas for Retired Veterans

As a veteran, you are uniquely ready to become an entrepreneur. You understand the importance of sacrifice, dedication, and leadership skills better than most, and it takes all of those to run a successful company. It can be challenging to adjust to civilian life, but that’s all the more reason to do it on your

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Unconventional Ways to Break Into the Auto Industry

The automotive industry is a broad and highly competitive field for young entrepreneurs to break into. The great thing about vehicles is that they’re so diverse and serve various functions—and as long as people drive cars, they’ll need people to make, sell, and service them.  To be successful at running your own automotive business, you

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7 Tools for International User Testing in 2020

In an increasingly globalized society, it’s important to be thinking about how your business appears to consumers in other countries. One of the most common ways that individuals from around the world will interact with your business is through the Internet, which is why international user testing has become such an important facet of usability

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Reverse Phone Lookup and the Call Center: Reach Your Customers Faster

The call center is one of the most important components of any successful business. It’s here where you’ll combine sales with customer analytics and support. Chasing leads and securing new customers leads to increased profits and possibilities for expansion. It’s crucial, however, that you don’t forget about the real lifeblood of your business—your existing customers.

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Feature Flags vs. Feature Branches

Feature flags and feature branches are critical tools utilized to ensure effective collaboration for complex objective-driven projects. They allow developers to stay on-task, while empowering them to make key decisions in an agile manner. While the central code base remains accessible to stakeholders, the methodology behind flags and branches allow for organized collaboration. In fact,

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Tips on How to Flip a House for Maximum Profit

You’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and invested in hot Solano County real estate; or perhaps you’ve already bought some! Now you need to know how to flip the property and make the most from it that you possibly can. By following a few insider tips, you can get the maximum profit for your

Forklift Lifting Pallets

Tips for Finding Free or Low-Cost Pallets

Pallets can be extremely useful for many reasons for both homeowners and small business owners. They can be used to store items off the ground to keep them safe and damage-free. They can be used to move large quantities or bulky items with a forklift easily. They can also be used for shipping large items

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3 Reasons You Need to Be Using Presentation Folders

Even in the Information Age, when many businesses are turning to digital assets and white papers, there’s still a place for physical folders. Presentation folders are one such option, offering a customizable solution for packaging and sharing information with your clients. Folders can help your business in a myriad of ways, from reinforcing your brand

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3 Corporate SEO Tips for Beginners

You can find lots of proof that SEO is crucial for businesses in the digital age. It can boost your traffic, build trust between your organization and your customers, and the results of a good SEO campaign are tangible. The benefits of SEO for sites just starting out or for smaller, local businesses are obvious,