Best SEO Software for 2019

Formulating an effective SEO strategy can be a challenge. Google is continuously refining and updating its search algorithms, much to the dismay of many search engine optimization (SEO) managers, in a never ending quest to remain the number one search engine. This means SEO marketers need to stay ahead of the game, updating and changing

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8 Ways to Make Your Home Safer in 2020

Home security is a hot industry this year—and for good reason. As technology catches up with the need for safer homes, 2020 is the perfect time to check off your security resolutions. Fortunately, there are several changes you can make to feel safer in and around your home. Here are some key ways to increase

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7 Tools for International User Testing in 2020

In an increasingly globalized society, it’s important to be thinking about how your business appears to consumers in other countries. One of the most common ways that individuals from around the world will interact with your business is through the Internet, which is why international user testing has become such an important facet of usability

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Here’s How to Get a Job in Tech

As the tech industry continues to grow, you might want to get your foot in the door as soon as possible.This industry can be competitive, so it’s important to make yourself stand out during the application process. However, with so many companies and positions available, you might not know where to start.  This guide will

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Can I Search for Someone Using Their Phone Number?

Trying to find out who a person is, regardless of the reasons, can be difficult if you don’t have the right information or know about what resources you can turn to. Let’s say, for example, that the only identifying information you have for an individual is their phone number, and you need to learn more

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3 Advantages of Voice Drops Over Traditional Marketing Tactics

Over recent years, digital marketing techniques have gained prevalence, with many businesses turning away from traditional marketing tactics. According to Forbes, 82 percent of today’s consumers research products and services online, while TechCrunch reports that 79 percent of consumers shop online. As a result, an increasing number of small businesses have started to implement digital

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Three Things to Know About Motorcycle Batteries

Lead-Acid Batteries vs. Lithium Batteries: What to Buy Lead-acid batteries have been around for a while and are popular because they’re inexpensive. Typically, they sell five times cheaper than lithium-based batteries. Besides just considering cost, which type of battery should you choose?  Lead-acid batteries are heavy, contain lead plates, and depend on sulfuric acid to

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Dynamics 365 for Call Centers

When it comes to staying in touch, there are a lot of options for today’s customer. Customers may interact through email, make a call, use text, or even use a video chat. Amid these numerous options, they expect their interactions to be efficient, yet personalised and consistent, regardless of how they reach out.  This is